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It is an expectation that all students will read their Outlook email ( weekly.

Important updates and new information are communicated
in this manner which includes MiChart and MLearning related material.


We do not clinically place visiting observer or shadow experience requests. Please contact the unit/area for further information. You and the unit/area must follow all policy guidelines.

External Link: Visiting Observer Policy






All graduate nursing student clinical placement requests must be submitted to Jole' Mowry at in the Clinical Placement Office.

  1. Individual school of nursing instructors are not permitted to negotiate directly with managers or unit staff for undergraduate nursing student placements within Michigan Medicine (including observational experiences or unit visits). Placements negotiated in this manner will be considered null and void.
  2. UM School of Nursing Ann Arbor requests will receive first priority for all placements within the Health System.
  3. It is the expectation of our partnership with the UM School of Nursing that all nursing units/areas within Michigan Medicine will participate in clinical education by accepting undergraduate nursing students.
  4. Exceptions from taking undergraduate nursing students, and/or markedly reducing the number of students taken, will be considered on a case by case basis by the Clinical Placement Office in discussion with unit leadership and the unit director.
  5. All school of nursing instructors will orient to their clinical placement area prior to the start of the clinical rotation. Instructors will contact the clinical area two to three weeks prior to their start date to arrange the orientation.
    1. If new to the clinical area, orientation may be 3-4 days in duration, as determined by the unit/area leadership.
    2. If returning to a clinical area, instructors should expect to shadow for 3-4 hours to review unit/area changes and updates.
  6. At the end of each term, instructors will meet with the unit/area leadership to evaluate the placement experience.
  7. Students are required to complete all assigned institutional requirements and documentation system training prior to their first clinical day on their assigned unit or area

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    UMHS Network or VPN only:


    New Policy: Assignment of Undergraduate Student Nurse Clinical Placements within the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

    Nurse Mentor Resources

STEP 2          MCARD ID AND PARKING (Non-UM Students who are not Michigan Medicine Employees)

MCARD ID BADGE -Coming soon Fall 2019

All students must wear a MICHIGAN MEDICINE MCard ID badge at all times in the clinical areas. Please read the specific instructions below.


ADDRESS: Michigan Medicine, Med Inn Building, RM C-158 (First Floor)

MAP: (Med Inn Building is #3 on the map)


HOURS: 7AM-4PM, Mon thru Fri

PHONE NUMBER: 734-763-6376


NOTE: There's a $20.00 fee to replace any damaged ot lost IDs.


  • Clinical Placment gives all grad students BASIC ACCESS to health system perimeter doors. All RESTRICTED ACCESS areas within the health system is processed by the UNITand require additional access approval by an authorized signer on the UNIT and a NEW form will be printed,signed, and taken to the KEYID office. (e.g., psych units, ORs, ICUs, lockers and med/supply rooms)
  • When the unit submits this list to the Key/ID Office for authorization, the access will be granted remotely.


STEPS 1 thru 5

  1. Please print the ID Request Form for your student and you to take to the Key/ID Office on their first clinical day. April Stingo, Clinical Placement Process Lead, will email you 1-2 weeks prior to the students start date.
  2. The RED Non-Michigan Medicine Affiliation section is already checked to indicate that the student is visiting. Please provide the name of the students school in the blank field.
  3. Your student must complete the top section of the form, including their signature and a date.
  4. All non-UM/non-employee students must pay $6.00 at the Cashier’s Office in order to obtain their health system MCard ID Badge.
    • The fee must be paid by cash or check payable to the health system.
    • Please take the completed Michigan Medicine Identification Card Request Form to the Cashier’s Office with your student on Level 2 of University Hospital (in the main hallway east of the Gift Shop) to pay the fee before proceeding to the Key/ID Office.
    • The Key/ID Office will not process the ID Badge without proof of payment. Your students will also need their driver’s license or another form of picture identification.


A signed parking form is not required to obtain a parking permit. Parking Services maintains a list of current students and instructor names. Information regarding student parking can be found on the Parking website at

Parking Information at Michigan Medicine


STEP 3          Coming Soon! Fall 2019










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Jole' Mowry, MS, BSN, RN
Clinical Placement Lead
Contact Regarding Scheduling and Faculty Orientation

Educational Nurse Specialist
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April Stingo, BS
Clinical Placement Process Lead
Contact Regarding the Process
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