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Welcome to your clinical placement at Michigan Medicine! We hope the following information will guide you through the onboarding process. It is an expectation that all instructors will read their Michigan Medicine Outlook email weekly. Important updates and new information are communicated in this manner. Please click on the steps below to read detailed information on the clinical placement process that must be followed to begin your clinical placement at Michigan Medicine.

We do not clinically place visiting observer or shadow experience requests. Please contact the unit/area for further information. You and the unit/area must follow all policy guidelines.

Copy of Policy: Michigan Medicine Visiting Observer Policy



We are pleased to announce that Michigan Medicine is lifting restrictions related to Non-UM health science learners so that we can fully continue our commitment to learning in the health industry. Safety continues to be a very high priority as we move forward. Please review the VACCINE MANDATE TIMELINE for COVID-19 Vaccine and FLU Vaccine information.

It is an expectation that all Instructors will read their Outlook email ( weekly.

Important updates and new information are communicated
in this manner which includes MiChart and MLearning related material.





Undergraduate instructors NEW to Michigan Medicine need to contact Jole' Mowry at to schedule a NEW faculty orientation session with the Clinical Placement Office prior to the start of their clinical session to walk through their responsibilities listed below and to answer any questions.

Contact the unit nurse manager or student liaison 2 weeks prior the clinical placement start date.


Please email Jole' Mowry at for the contact information of the unit liaison who will assist in scheduling your unit orientation. Orientation with both Clinical Placement and the unit must be complete before students can begin their clinical practicum on the unit. There are no exceptions.


    If you are a new instructor, anticipate this can be up to 2 days on the unit. You are considered "new to the unit" if you do not work on the unit or if you have never been an instructor with students on that unit.


    If you are an instructor returning to the same unit, plan to shadow for 1 to 2 hours to review unit changes. Please meet with the unit manager, supervisor, or liaison to inquire about the developments that have occurred during the last fiscal year and quarter on the unit(s). Plan on a faculty experience which will be a “walk in my shoes” experience on the unit(s) with one of the staff nurses doing their patient care assignment. Consider how the information and experience gathered may or may not influence the student experience on the unit.


  • Change in patient population.
  • Number and types of current and/or new initiatives e.g. rounding, MiChart.
  • Change in unit policies or practices.


  • Update knowledge of priority initiatives and activities.


  • Report times and shift routines.
  • How assignments are determined.
  • Status of overtime.
  • Current RN staff: # of months or years of experience as an RN to nursing and to this unit.
  • Number of terminations, transfers, and staffing implications.
  • Number of new hires.
  • Number of orientees currently on the unit.
  • Any other students/interns/externs on unit.


  • Discuss with the manager or student liaison how student assignments on the unit will be determined and the time the students should arrive for patient report each clinical day.
  • Provide a copy of the student expectations, course objectives, and course syllabus to the nurse manager or student liaison.
  • At the end of each term, schedule a time to meet with the unit leadership to evaluate the placement experience.


All students and instructors must always wear a MICHIGAN MEDICINE MCard ID badge at all times in the clinical areas. Please read the specific instructions below.


ADDRESS: Michigan Medicine, Med Inn Building, RM C-158 (First Floor)

MAP: (Med Inn Building is #3 on the map)


HOURS: 7AM-4PM, Mon thru Fri

PHONE NUMBER: 734-76(3-6376)


NOTE: All Instructors are designated signers on the ID Card Request Form for each student. There's a $20.00 fee to replace any damaged or lost IDs.


  • Clinical Placement gives all students and instructors BASIC ACCESS to health system perimeter doors. All RESTRICTED ACCESS or UNIT/AREA INTERNAL DOORS (e.g., psych units, ER, ORs, ICUs, lockers, and med/supply rooms) for ALL Michigan Medicine Health System facilities are processed by the UNIT/AREA and require additional access approval by an authorized signer on the UNIT/AREA.
  • The instructors need to give the UNIT/AREA the student names and their UMID #'s (no spaces, dashes, and any student's ID that begins with "0", please omit the "0"). The UNIT/AREA will email an EXCEL spreadsheet of your list of students to the KEY ID office to get access.
  • When the UNIT/AREA submits this list to the Key/ID Office for authorization, the access will be granted remotely.
  • UMSN seniors placed in Children’s Emergency Services (CES) must wear a YELLOW Lanyard provided by CES with their ID badge.


  • All students must exchange their campus MCard ID for a Michigan Medicine MCard ID badge at the Key/ID office to gain access to health system doors.
  • A signed authorization form through the UMSN Undergraduate Program Office for the MCard ID badge is completed before the student's sophomore year begins or their clinicals begin with you on the UNIT/AREA at Michigan Medicine.
  • Campus access will be maintained on their new badge.
  • The badge is valid for 5 years.



  1. You must receive a signed MCard ID Request Form from the Clinical Placement Office to take to the Key/ID office.
  2. Please contact April Stingo at to request the form. The form will be emailed to you as an attachment (fill out the top portion with your information).
  3. This must be processed before you are with your students at Michigan Medicine. The badge is valid for 1 year.


  1. Please print an ID Request Form for each student to take to the Key/ID Office on their first clinical day. NON-UM MCard ID Form (Click Link and Print)
  2. The RED Non-Michigan Medicine Affiliation section is already checked to indicate that the student is visiting. Please provide the name of your school in the blank field.
  3. Your students must complete the top section of the form, including their signature and a date.
  4. Sign your name at the bottom of the form under Authorized Representative.
  5. All non-UM/non-employee students must pay $6.00 at the Cashier’s Office in order to obtain their health system MCard ID Badge.
    • The fee must be paid by cash or check payable to the health system.
    • Please take the completed Michigan Medicine Identification Card Request Form to the Cashier’s Office with your student on LEVEL 2 of University Hospital (in the main hallway east of the Gift Shop) to pay the fee before proceeding to the Key/ID Office.
    • The Key/ID Office will not process the ID Badge without proof of payment. Your students will also need their driver’s license or another form of picture identification.


A signed parking form is not required to obtain an ORANGE parking permit. Parking Services maintains a list of current students. Parking in visitor lots is NOT permitted. Parking and Transportation Services has opened a Customer Services office in UH South (former Mott Hospital). Hours of operations are Monday thru Friday, 7:30am-3:45pm. At this location, you can...

  • Purchase a parking permit (if it isn’t otherwise available on the PTS website)
  • Exchange a parking permit
  • Pick-up PTS literature (parking maps, bus routes/schedules, etc.)
  • Ask questions regarding parking options and transit services.

Additional information regarding ORANGE student parking can be found on the Parking website at

Maps & Visitor Guide


All instructors and students with a clinical placement at Michigan Medicine will be granted access to our computer systems based upon the placement location and the specifications of the instructor and student role within the health system.

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) processes the access needed for all faculty and students. If you are a NEW instructor or student, you will receive an email from 2 weeks prior to your clinical start date. This will be sent to the email address your school provided to us. In the email from Identity Management, you will be given a link and step-by-step instructions to set your password(s).

If you are a Michigan Medicine employee, no change will occur to your username or passwords, but you will be granted access to any new systems required for your practicum (pending completion of any required training).


To have access to the medication cabinet, you need a LEVEL 2 password. If you are new to Michigan Medicine, please be certain to validate username and password functionality before beginning clinical hours. For any issues or questions related to access, please contact Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) at 734-93(6-8000).

  • PRESS OPTION 1 or 2 for PYXIS issues
  • PRESS OPTION 5 for LOGIN or ACCESS issues


IMPORTANT: ResponsiBlue Screening Check

Students and instructors who are present in-person on U-M property or in a U-M facility must complete a health assessment through the ResponsiBLUE tool, if able, before entering the building or property.

The sign-in for ResponsiBLUE has two steps. First, enter your (Level-1) Weblogin. Then, choose your University of Michigan account. This is your email address.

  • Go to or open the iOS/Android app on your mobile device.
  • Tap or click Sign in with Google.
  • Next, you will either see the Weblogin screen or the Google 'Choose an Account' screen.


  • If prompted, enter your UMICH Level-1 Weblogin information.
  • Click Log In.
  • Authenticate using Duo.
    NOTE: You will need to have the Duo Mobile app set up on your mobile device to receive push notifications or a phone call. Contact the ITS Service Centerif you need to request a temporary bypass code.
  • Choose your email address from the list.



All clinical instructors in the inpatient/ICU setting must complete the unit RN MiChart training requirement. At a minimum, this will include 4 hours of eLearning modules in MLearning plus 18 hours of classroom training. If you are a UMSN instructor, please contact Denise Sumerlin at to schedule your course. If you are a non-UM instructor, please contact April Stingo at to schedule your course.

To access MLearning, go to and login with your username and LEVEL 2 password. UMSN students may also login with their LEVEL 1 password.

IMPORTANT: MLearning works best in the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

Institutional requirements consist of a set of online learning activities required by regulatory agencies, such as the Joint Commission. These must be completed in ACEMAPP unless you are a full-time Michigan Medicine employee and have already completed them in MLearning. ACEMAPP is a secure, online clinical education platform. You will be completing a profile and a few forms and requirements which are necessary for your upcoming clinical experience(s) with your students. Learn more or get started at or call 1-844-223-4292.


    1. Undergrad Instructors who are Permanent Employees of Michigan Medicine and wish to be exempt from completing their requirements must submit an Employee Clearance Application through ACEMAPP.
    2. Once approved, instructors will be marked ‘complete’ for the following:
      • All Michigan Medicine required courses. (You must be up-to-date with your requirements in MLearning)
      • ACEMAPP BBP, HIPAA, and OSHA courses.
      • Background Check and Drug Screen requirements.
    Note: Health requirements (vaccines) and BLS cannot be waived and must be entered into ACEMAPP through your school.

Please be aware that some of the links in the ACEMAPP modules are to Michigan Medicine internal pages and cannot be accessed using an off-site computer. This will not interfere with completing the module or required test.

Please review the Institutional Requirement List to verify what must be completed. Your ability to begin clinical hours with your students may be delayed if all requirements are not complete prior to the clinical start date.


All documentation in the electronic health record is completed in MiChart. Access to MiChart is granted upon successful completion of all required eLearning, associated quizzes, or classroom content if applicable. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that students are adequately prepared to meet clinical expectations prior to arrival to the unit. If you are uncertain of any requirements, training, or new initiative expectations for your students, please contact Clinical Placement or the unit representative. Instructors are responsible for the following:


    • To process and assist only the Non-UM students with their MCard ID's and Parking Tag.
    • To validate that all students have completed the MiChart eLearning and quiz requirements.
    • To validate students can login to the application.
    • To assist students with choosing their correct role upon login if they have dual accounts (i.e., function in both a student nurse and employee role). Students will receive instructions via email when the second account is created. Instructions can also be found on the MiChart website under: “MiChart Account Manager-For Users with Multiple Accounts” in the Tips and Training Resources Inpatient/Nursing section.


    • To validate students are successful navigating within the MiChart system.
    • To provide support to students on the unit in the MiChart application.
    • To monitor students for proper use and documentation within MiChart.
    • To ensure all student nurse medication administration is signed by the instructor or mentor at the time of administration.
    • To ensure all co-signatures for notes and flow sheets are completed in MiChart prior to leaving for the clinical day.
    • To support the students in trouble shooting issues.
      1. For MiChart issues: contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-93(6-8000), OPTION 3.
      2. For LEVEL 2 access issues: contact the HITS Service Desk at 734-93(6-8000), OPTION 5.
      3. Provide the MiChart website link when onsite:


    • The Point of Care (POC) Glucometer Testing competency is required for all undergraduate students who will be performing glucose testing in the clinical setting.
    • All students will complete the module in ACEMAPP and must complete a demonstration with their instructor on the unit.
    • A demo checklist for Accu-Check competency evaluation is provided for you to reference and does not need to be mailed back to Clinical Placement. ACCU-CHECK CHECKLIST.
    • Students will not receive barcode strips for performing glucose testing. Instead, students will use their LEVEL 2 password to log in.
    • Please complete the Point of Care Glucometer Demo with your students by the second week of the term.

IMPORTANT: If you have access issues with the POC glucose testing, you should contact Pathology at . In the email, please give the full name of the student, uniqname, UMID #, and location. For issues other than access, you can call the POCT Hotline at 734-93(6-6754).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • How do I swap out a glucometer that is not working?

Bring the “broken” glucometer to the Chemistry Window, Room UH 2F453.  It will be swapped for a working glucometer.

  • Where do I get iSTAT cartridges and controls?

Phone or email the POCT office.  We will tube the iSTAT supplies to you within one business day.

  • Where do I get pregnancy test strips?

Phone or email the POCT office.  We will tube the pregnancy test strips to you within one business day.

  • How do I request access to a glucometer or other Point of Care testing instrument (Clinitek, DCA, GEM)?

Email the POCT office.  In the request, give your first and last name, UMID, uniqname, instrument you need access to, and all locations where access is needed.  We will grant access within 2 business days.

  • How do I get after hours/weekend/holiday technical support, glucometer/instrument access, or testing supplies?

Phone the POCT Hotline: 734-936-6754.  Assistance, such as glucometer access, and some supplies are available after hours.  More complicated technical questions will be forwarded to the POCT department to address during business hours.



Internal link; accessible via
Michigan Medicine Network or VPN only:






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