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Graduate StudentsGraduate Students Interested in a Preceptorship

Graduate nursing student placements at Michigan Medicine are determined by the individual practitioners. All Non-UM Ann Arbor grad student requests should be arranged directly through the APRN or physician that you are interested in working with. The Clinical Placement office does not assist in this aspect.

In addition, we do not clinically place visiting observer or shadow experience requests. Please contact the unit/ area for further information. You and the unit/area must follow all policy guidelines. External Link: Visiting Observer Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the increasing number of grad student placement needs at Michigan Medicine, we are no longer able to automatically place graduate students from external schools. Graduate nursing students will be clinically placed at Michigan Medicine with the priority being to place UM School of Nursing Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine Employee students that go to external schools. Consideration will also be given to UM School of Nursing Flint students. It is Michigan Medicines goal to place as many graduate students as possible, but we are currently not able to meet the demands. Graduate nursing students will be clinically placed at Michigan Medicine according to the following priority:

  • 1 ST PRIORITY UMSN Ann Arbor Students & Michigan Medicine Employees Attending External Schools
  • 2 ND PRIORITY UM School of Nursing Flint Students
  • 3 RD PRIORITY Non-Employees Attending External Schools


It is an expectation that all students will read their Outlook email ( weekly.

Important updates and new information are communicated
in this manner which includes MiChart and MLearning related material.





STEP 1          IDENTIFY A PRECEPTOR (Non-UM Students Only)

Nursing management, APRNs, and physicians at Michigan Medicine independently determine whether they will precept students. All Non-UM School of Nursing grad students must contact them directly to secure a placement. The Clinical Placement Office is unable to provide assistance in this aspect of the process.

Once a preceptor is identified, all course material must be reviewed and approved by the preceptor. Clinical hours should be arranged directly with the preceptor.

The Clinical Placement Office must receive confirmation from the preceptor that an arrangement has been made to precept you. Please have them send a confirmation of your arrangement to Jole' Mowry at


If you are a Michigan Medicine employee and attend an external school of nursing (SON), please follow the icon link below. This will take you to the affiliation page for detailed information on obtaining an affiliation agreement and program addendum between your school and Michigan Medicine. There are specific timelines that must be followed due to the length of time typically needed to secure the agreement.


All clinical placement requests must be submitted through ACEMAPP, the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program, through the Michigan Health Council. If your school is not currently a member of ACEMAPP, your school will need to register in order to submit requests and your student information. The school may contact ACEMAPP through Customer Support on the ACEMAPP website at or call 844-223-4292. You can also contact Erin Szarka, one of the ACEMAPP coordinators, directly at to begin the process and create your profile in ACEMAPP.

All students participating in a clinical placement at Michigan Medicine must enroll in ACEMAPP for the tracking of your clinical roation request, compliance requirements, and instituational requirements. All student types will pay the $50.00 a year fee to be in the ACEMAPP program.


All students completing a clinical practicum at Michigan Medicine are required to have access to our clinical systems. This access is processed by our Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) Department through our Secure Portal System. Each school of nursing that participates in clinical placements with Michigan Medicine must have a registrar or designee identified who can upload student information into our Secure Portal System: . Please have your school of nursing contact the Clinical Placement Office at to begin the process of obtaining access to our Secure Portal System.

STEP 5          COMPUTER LOGINS (Non-UM Students who are not Michigan Medicine employees)

You will be granted access to our computer systems based on your placement location and the specifications of your role within Michigan Medicine.

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) processes the access needed for all students. You will receive an email from 1-2 weeks prior to your clinical start date. This will be sent to the email address your school provided to us. In the email from Identity Management, you will be given a link and step-by-step instructions to set your password(s).

Please be certain to validate access code (uniqname/username and password) functionality before beginning clinical hours if you are new to Michigan Medicine. If there are any issues with IDs or passwords, please contact the Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) service desk at 734-936-8000.


Each clinical nursing student at Michigan Medicine must complete a group of institutional requirements prior to the start of your clinical practicum. Required learning activities include training to the electronic health record (MiChart) in MLearning and institutional requirements in ACEMAPP. Please review the Institutional Requirement List to verify what must be completed. Your ability to begin your clinical hours may be delayed if these requirements are not complete prior to your start date.

All clinical placement requests must be submitted through the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program (ACEMAPP). If you are not currently a member of ACEMAPP, you will need to register and create a profile. To begin the process, please contact ACEMAPP through Customer Support on the ACEMAPP website at or call 844-223-4292. You can also email Erin Szarka directly at for help with this process.

Please be aware that some of the links in the ACEMAPP modules are to Michigan Medicine internal pages and cannot be accessed using an off-site computer. This will not interfere with completing the module or required test.


You will be asked to indicate your employee status in your ACEMAPP profile. Make sure you indicate this or a notification will not be sent to Michigan Medicine to exempt you from the information listed below.

If you are a Permanent Employee, the following will be marked as complete in ACEMAPP:

  1. All Michigan Medicine required courses (you must be up-to-date with your institutional requirements in MLearning) 
  2. ACEMAPP OSHA, HIPAA, and BBP courses 
  3. Background check/drug screen requirement

Health requirements (vaccines) and BLS cannot be waived and must be entered into ACEMAPP by your school.


All required MiChart training will be found in MLearning on your Learning Plan.

  1. To access MLearning, go to and login with your username and LEVEL 2 password or LEVEL 1 password. IMPORTANT: MLearning works best in the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.
  2. For any issues or questions related to your access, please contact Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) at 734-936-8000.
    • PRESS OPTION 1 for MICHART issues
  3. IMPORTANT: Access to the documentation system will only be granted after successful completion of all MiChart required training in MLearning.
  4. NP students must complete the MiChart Inpatient and Ambulatory Student Provider eLearning activity to satisfy their MiChart training requirement.
  5. CNS students must complete the MiChart Inpatient Student Nurse eLearning activity to satisfy their MiChart training requirement, unless you have already completed the Inpatient Nurse MiChart Training.
  6. CNM/OB students must complete the MiChart Birth Center APRN Student Nurse eLearning activity to satisfy their MiChart training requirement.
  7. Graduate students who need access to MiChart in order to view data, must complete a Clinical View Only eLearning activity to satisfy their MiChart training requirement.


If you are an EMPLOYEE at Michigan Medicine and have access to MiChart, you will have a dual account in MiChart.

  1. You must choose which role you are functioning in upon login, which will allow you to access all pertinent tools for that role.
  2. Please see the MiChart Tip Sheet entitled “MiChart Account Manager-For Users with Multiple Accounts” on the MiChart website for complete instructions.
  3. You should receive this information in an email from MiChart Security when the new role is created for you. This email will go to your account within Outlook. If you do not receive this email, please call Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) at 734-936-8000.
    • PRESS OPTION 1 for MiChart issues.
STEP 7          MCARD ID AND PARKING (Non-UM Students who are not Michigan Medicine employees)(


The process lead, April Stingo, will be sending you and your preceptor an email regarding your MCARD ID BADGE and PARKING two weeks prior to your clinical term start date.

On your first day of clinical, your preceptor will guide you through the process and have the form for you to fill out to obtain your MCARD ID badge.

Access to Clinical Unit: Access to clinical units is meant to be on clinical days and times as planned in your curriculum. Should you need to return to the unit for other clinical purposes, this should be cleared with the corresponding clinical faculty for the course. If you are visiting someone on the unit, you need to request admittance to the unit using the visitation policy for that unit, including the standards for locked units. Please remember that issues related to HIPAA and safety as well as other considerations may be involved.


ADDRESS: Michigan Medicine, Med Inn Building, RM C-158 (First Floor)

MAP: (Med Inn Building is #3 on the map)


HOURS: 7AM-4PM, Mon thru Fri

PHONE NUMBER: 734-763-6376


NOTE: There's a $20.00 fee to replace any damaged or lost IDs.


A signed parking form is not required to obtain an ORANGE parking permit. Parking Services maintains a list of current students. Parking in visitor lots is NOT permitted. Parking and Transportation Services has opened a Customer Services office in UH South (former Mott Hospital). Hours of operations are Monday thru Friday, 7:30am-3:45pm. At this location, you can...

  1. Purchase a parking permit (if it isn’t otherwise available on the PTS website)
  2. Exchange a parking permit
  3. Pick-up PTS literature (parking maps, bus routes/schedules, etc.)
  4. Ask questions regarding parking options and transit services.

Additional information regarding ORANGE student parking can be found on the Parking website at

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