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American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) defined Practice Transition as “a formal program of active learning for nurses implemented across all settings and designed to support their progression from an education environment to a practice setting or between practice settings [within the organization]” (ANCC, 2016).

Supporting your successful transition to practice through professional development and networking

There are five programs based on roles:

  • New Graduate Nurse Residency

  • Internal Transfer Nurse Fellowship-COMING SOON!

  • Experienced New Hire Nurse Fellowship

  • Advanced Practice Nurse Fellowship-COMING SOON!

  • Nurse Leader Fellowship


To promote patient safety and nurse engagement by supporting nurses during the critical transition into their new role and/or practice setting.


  • Monthly professional development sessions
  • Opportunities for networking and developing relationships with peers
    and nurse leaders
  • Transition support from nursing and organizational leaders


  • Optimize patient safety and outcomes
  • Improve and support nurses' knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Facilitate transition and socialization into their new role and environment
  • Increase nurse satisfaction/engagement
  • Improve retention rates (decrease first year exit rate)


  • All nurses new to their role and/or practice setting will participate in the TTP programs. No action is required on your part to join the program.
  • You must be hired into the health system before participating in the TTP programs. The TTP programs are not a stand-alone program where you can apply directly.



Do I need to complete an additional application for the residency or fellowship?

No. There is no additional application for any of the TTP Programs. Once you complete your Central Nursing Orientation(CNO) and Unit-based Orientation, you will be automatically enrolled into the program.

Who participates in the Residency?

The residency is for all new graduates hired into Michigan Medicine.

Who participates in the Fellowships?

The fellowships are for all experienced nurses who are new to their role, practice setting, and/or the organization: Internal transfers, experienced new hires, advanced practice nurses, and nurse leaders.



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