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Capital Budgets is responsible for managing the capital budgeting, tracking and reporting process from the request and investigation stage through approval, tracking and closure for all capital projects including construction and renovation, information technology and equipment.

Capital Planning Process Overview (PDF)

There is an annual Capital Planning Process for the Hospital and Health Centers (HHC), including the continued collaboration and work of the Capital Oversight Group (COG) and supporting categorical committees. These cross functional teams lead by administrative and faculty leaders continue to be important in their oversight and recommendations of necessary and prudent capital investments in support of the HHC’s mission, strategy, and operating plans.

Hospital Capital projects fall into three distinct dollar thresholds:

Project $ Threshold
Strategic > $15M
Major Routine $5M to $15M
  • Above Threshold
  • Below Threshold

$500K to $5M

$5K to $500K

Timeline for Routine Capital Process (out-of-cyle requests are handled with collaboration of your AHD/ACA and COG).


Departments develop 3-year capital plan for Major Routine and Routine - Above Threshold (AT) Projects (> $500K)

Post Labor Day

Departments submit 3-year Major Routine and Routine-AT capital plan and FY16 CAPFs with AHD/ACA approval for Categorical Committee Review and first pass assessment

End of Oct/Early Nov.

PDS3 RTN, Financial and Business Case Completed for FY16 Projects prioritized for Categorical Committee presentations in January/February

November - December

Categorical Committees presentations and recommendation to COG

January - February

COG Review and endorse categorical committee recommendations


HHCEB Approval - Capital and Operating Budgets


Communication of Approved Projects and BT Allocations

April - May

ServiceNow is a web-based application that manages capital budgets down to a project by project level of detail. It is used to request the use of capital funds, to request changes to existing capital programs, to approve requests, and to report on requests.

ServicNow Request Link 

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