Design Guidelines for Michigan Medicine Facilities

This area contains guidelines for design and construction of facilities at Michigan Medicine (MM). The Design Guidelines shall be used by all consulting Architects & Engineers (A/E's) in the preparation of investigative reports and construction documents (plans and specifications). The purpose of these Design Guidelines is to assure uniformity, system or component quality, compatibility and functionality, and ease of maintenance. These are guidelines, NOT CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS.

The Design Guidelines that are in effect at the time that design development begins for a given project shall be used by all design professionals (architects, engineers & interior designers) in the preparation of construction documents for that project.

The MM guidelines expressed hereafter are a combination of shared guidelines between University of Michigan Campus Architecture, Engineering and Construction (UM AEC) and MM. UM AEC guidelines are in most cases the basis of the MM guideline. Where conditions are unique to MM, a supplemental guideline has been adopted and is noted by an "-H" suffix to the guideline section. Where these conditions exist, MM guidelines shall take precedence over the like requirements in the UM AEC guideline.

In most cases, unlike UM AEC, MM does not maintain, post, or support contract specifications, only design guidelines. The UM AEC specifications may be used as a reference and/or basis, but the A/E is completely responsible for contract specifications (meeting the intent of the MM guidelines and Preferred Manufacturers List) that are used on MM projects and are not intended to relieve the designers from their responsibility to comply with applicable codes and other contract obligations.

The University recognizes that deviations are often inevitable because of site conditions, budget or schedule. Therefore consultants are encouraged to bring any questions or suggestions of potential deviations to the attention of the Project Coordinator. THE APPROVAL OF A DEVIATION FROM THESE GUIDELINES RESTS SOLEY WITH MM. The requester shall specify the reasons for the deviation in detail - by providing drawings, sketches, technical information, mathematical calculations, etc. - as appropriate to allow a thorough and complete review by MM.