The architectural staff at Facilities Planning & Development manages the planning and design process for the Hospitals and Health Centers. We assist departments with their needs for new and renovated spaces, and advise on facility planning, design and construction. We develop design guidelines to maintaining the overall quality and standardization within the facilities while addressing the unique needs of each department. We direct the planning, programming and design of capital projects.

When we receive a request for a project investigation, a staff architect is assigned as design manager to meet with the requester, review the needs of the department or facility, review any existing building areas to be renovated, and provide advice regarding the feasibility of the proposal. If a proposal appears feasible, a design team is gathered to work on the project. This team may include consulting architects, engineers, interior designers, and equipment planners. The design manager is responsible for communicating with representatives of supporting departments about the project, and gathering input from maintenance, biomedical engineering, computer and telecommunications, security, safety, infection control, and others.

Many members of the staff are registered or graduate architects, with years of health care design experience. We participate in ongoing continuing education programs to keep our skills fresh, to stay on top of construction technology changes, health and safety standards, and the latest research on health care design.

Projects range from the installation of new doors, renovations of single rooms and departments, new leased facilities, accommodations for new equipment. We also investigate building issues such as roofing, insulation and waterproofing. We review existing conditions and changes in occupancy for compliance with building code and barrier free access requirements.

The architectural staff coordinates the needs of the department, the clinical staff, support and maintenance staff to create a pleasing and healing design that is functional, attractive and does no harm.