A/E Professional

Documents dedicated for our external Architectural and Engineering service providers will be found here. Under this section you will have access to the following topics.

AEC front end documents - Contains instructions, sample forms and contracts.

AEC Specifications - This section contains Master Specifications for the design and construction of facilities at the University of Michigan. At this time we allow A/Es to use their own master specification, but strongly encourage them to use our Master Specification as a guide. Most sections of the Master Specification require significant editing to tailor them to a specific project. These specifications have also adopted the CSI Division, with most sections in both Acrobat (doc) and Word (doc) format.

Design Phase Deliverables - The Design Professional shall submit "Design Deliverables" for each major phase of design. This document shall be sent to the Design Coordinator.

Michigan Medicine Reference Documents

Continuing Service Agreement (CSA, Exhibit D) - Description of services or deliverables requested by the Owner that identify a "project".

Additional Services Agreement (ASA, Exhibit E) - Description of specific services or deliverables requested by the Owner, that identifies additional work, or other changes to a Continuing Services Agreement.

Standard Cost Estimate & Report Template - Form to be completed by Design Professional that would include all budget information about a specific project.