Section 1.0 - Laboratory Safety and Maintenance

Section 2.0: Tissue

2.1 Tissue Collection

2.2 Human Tumor Digestion

2.3 Dissociation of Mammary Tissue

2.4 Dissociation of Cells [Mouse Xenograft Tumor]

2.5 Dissociation of Mammospheres

2.5a Dissociation of Spheres

2.6 Organoids

2.7 Single Cell Suspension from Primary Tumors

2.8 Mammosphere Culture and Dissociation

Section 3.0: General Cell Culture SOPs

Section 4.0: Media and Aliquot Preparation

Section 5.0: Staining Procedures

Section 6.0: Animal Procedures and Information

Section 7.0: Molecular Biology SOPs

Section 8.0: FACS Procedures

Section 9.0: Additional Wicha Lab Protocols

Section 10.0: Additional SOPs and Reference Material