Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

What criteria are used to select Administrative Fellows?

What are the educational requirements for the fellowship?

Does Michigan Medicine administrative fellowship program sponsor international students for H1-B visas or green cards?

Do you have to have health care experience to qualify for the fellowship?

When can I apply for the fellowship?

What is the application process? Paper/Online?

What are the program requirements?

What are the application requirements?

I am not a recent graduate, but I do have work experience. Can I still apply?

Will I be notified when my application has been received?

How do you accept school transcripts? Are the “issued to student” transcripts appropriate?

I have an electronic copy of my transcripts. Will this be ok, or do I need to request an official copy directly?

Do you accept Letters of Recommendation via email?

I do not have a professional Letter of Recommendation (as I have little/no work experience). How can I provide the necessary letters or can I submit without them?

Who reads the application materials and makes the final decision?

I graduated from a school that is not accredited. Will that be an issue?

Fellowship Experience:

How do members of the Senior Leadership Team engage with the Administrative Fellows?

What types of projects do fellows partake in?

What is the process for determining the projects that fellows work on?

Career Development:

What sort of training or career development opportunities are available?

Is there a process for helping the fellows identify post-fellowship job opportunities?

Professional Development

What is the evaluation process for the fellows? How often does evaluation occur?

Do you support national conferences?

How will the fellowship benefit me?