Recording MOC for QI (ABMS Part IV, NCCPA PI-CME)

Processes involved in recording MOC (ABMS Part IV, NCCPA PI-CME) and related issues include:

  1. 1. Recording MOC Participation
    • Individual participants attest to their participation on the QI project
    • UMHS reports participation of physicians and PAs to ABMS (forwards to relevant Board[s] and NCCPA)
  2. Timing Issues for Submission and Recording
    • MOC activities are recorded for the year in which an individual completes participation
    • Submitting during last year of a MOC cycle or sub-cycle: by November 30 of that year
  3. Part IV Credit for Multiple Boards
    • Project meets requirements of all participating boards
    • May submit separately to non-participating boards

Each of these points is described briefly below.

1. Recording MOC Participation

Individuals attest to their participation on the QI project. The attestation process is described on this website under the tab “MOC Designation” in Section 4. In summary, the UMHS QI MOC Program emails to each participant a link to a unique online form that addresses identifying information, an attestation of participating as required, and reflections on the QI effort and its impact. Individuals submit the form online. UMHS QI MOC Program staff forward the information to the project lead. The project lead verifies that individuals participated.

UMHS reports participation to relevant board(s)/NCCPA. UMHS QI MOC Program personnel submit the individual's name, relevant certification ID number(s), and project name. The process typically takes 3 to 5 weeks from the UMHS Program receiving a participation attestation to participation being recorded in an individual’s file at an ABMS Board or NCCPA.

2. Timing Issues for Submission and Recording

The credit for participating in a MOC activity is recorded for the year in which the individual completed activities in the documented QI project. Usually participation is completed, notification of participation is submitted, and the MOC participation is noted on an individual’s MOC record all within a calendar year. Sometimes participation is completed late in the calendar year and the time to process the information results in MOC participation not being posted until early in the next calendar year. The participation will still be listed as occurring in the calendar year in which it was completed, not in the year the participation is posted.

Submitting during last year of a MOC cycle or sub-cycle: The timely submission of documentation for a completed QI project and of attestation forms for individual participants is particularly important for participants whose certification period will end in the year that the project ends. Due to the volume of information submitted near the end of the year, the ABMS Program has early deadlines to assure that Boards receive notification of approved QI projects and record an individual's participation before the end of the year that participation occurred. Final reports of QI projects documenting that the project met requirements for MOC must be both submitted to and approved by the UMHS QI MOC Program by the first week in November. Attestation forms for individuals must be submitted to the Program by the end of November.

By the end of the year of the current cycle/sub-cycle, if a certifying organization has no record that the MOC requirement has been met, the certifying organization considers the individual not to have maintained certification. While delayed submission will eventually be recorded for MOC during the subsequent year, the individual may have to work with the certifying organization to assure that the individual's MOC status is restored. (Some financial charge may be involved.)

3. Part IV for Physicians Certified by Multiple ABMS Boards

One project meets requirements of all participating ABMS Boards. Many physicians are certified by more than one Board (e.g., Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) or a primary Board and a subspecialty Board (e.g., Internal Medicine and Cardiology). The Boards participating in the ABMS Multi-specialty Portfolio Approval Program have agreed that their shared intent is for physicians to be engaged in assessing and improving care. Therefore, all participating Boards recognize the completion of a QI project designated for Part IV even if the content applies to another clinical area. For example, if a physician who is "double boarded" in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics performs a QI activity to improve care for adults with diabetes that qualifies for Part IV MOC, both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics would credit the physician with having completed a Part IV activity. (Note that the two boards have different requirements regarding the number and frequency with which Part IV activities must be performed.)

May submit separately to non-participating boards. A few ABMS Boards do not currently participate in the ABMS Multi-specialty Portfolio Program. Physicians certified by a participating Board and by a non-participating Board may be able to apply individually to the non-participating board for Part IV credit for the QI activity. Most of the information needed to apply will be included in the final report for the activity and the attestation of participation.