Michigan Medicine Quality Improvement MOC Program (ABMS IHHC, NCCPA PI-CME)

In January 2011 the ABMS Multi-specialty Portfolio Program approved University of Michigan Health (UMH) to have a “Portfolio Program” of QI projects with IHHC credit. UMH can designate Part IV credit for qualified QI projects overseen by UMH and award IHHC credit to physicians who meet participation requirements for those projects. Nationally, the UMH Program was the second to be approved.

In 2017 the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) accepted the participation of physician assistants (PAs) in activities approved through the ABMS Portfolio Program as qualifying for credit in Performance Improvement CME (PI-CME) for PAs.

Functions. The primary functions of the UMH QI IHHC Program are to:

The Program’s functions are described in more detail on the UMH MOC Page.

Organization. The UMH QI MOC Program operates under and through the Chief Quality Officer of University of Michigan Health.

The Program personnel are:
Tasha Vokally, JD
Ellen Patrick, MA

Funding. The UMH IHHC MOC Program is institutionally funded by UMH.

Fee Structure for non-Michigan Medicine and affiliates. When we approve projects for participants who are not part of Michigan Medicine or our affiliate organizations, the following fee schedule will be applied.

New Project with 1-15 participants


New Project with 16-30 participants


Subsequent Wave Project with 1-15 participants


Subsequent Wave Project with 16-30 participants


$15 per additional participant will be added for projects with greater than 30 participants.


Helpful Links

Find your NPI and Board ID number:
NPI: https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/search
ABFM: https://www.theabfm.org/
ABIM: https://www.abim.org/verify-physician.aspx?type=id&id=292600
ABP: https://www.abp.org/verification-certification
ABPN: https://apps.abpn.org/verifycert/
ABEM: https://www.abem.org/public/about-abem/who-is-abem-certified