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Section 6.0: Animal Procedures and Information

6.1 Mouse Ear Tagging

6.2 Directions for Constructing a Mouse Tail Vein Injection Apparatus

6.3 Murine Xenotransplantation of Primary Tumor Cells, Tumorigenic Cell Lines or Normal Mammary Epithelial Cells

6.4a Tumor Implantation into Mice - Tumor Chunk Implant

6.4b Tumor Implantation into Mice - Single Cell Injection

6.5 NCRC Animal Imaging Procedures

6.6 BSRB Agents in Mice in BSRB Imaging Center

6.7 Guidelines for the Use of Taxotere in Mice

6.8a Mouse Anesthesia via Isoflurane Jar

6.8b Mouse Anesthesia via Isoflurane Nebulizer

6.9 Mouse Euthanasia

6.10 Intra-medullary Tibia Injection

6.11 Estradiol Pellet Implantation

6.12 Ordering Controlled Substances for Research Use

6.13 Tissue Collection for Genotyping Mice

6.14 Mouse Ear Tag Identification

6.15 Breeding Colony

Section 7.0: Molecular Biology SOPs

Section 8.0: FACS Procedures

Section 9.0: Additional Wicha Lab Protocols

Section 10.0: Additional SOPs and Reference Material