Section 1.0

Lab Manual Section 2.0: Tissue

2.1 Human Tumor Digestion

2.2 Dissociation of Mammary Tissue

2.3a Mammosphere Culture and Dissociation

2.3b Dissociation of Spheres

2.4 Organoids

2.5 Xenograft dissociation and mouse cell depletion using Miltenyi equipment

2.6 Expanding Frozen Xenograft Stock

2.7 Dissociation of Primary Tumor to get Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs)

Section 3.0: General Cell Culture SOPs

Section 4.0: Media and Aliquot Preparation

Section 5.0: Staining Procedures

Section 6.0: Animal Procedures and Information

Section 7.0: Molecular Biology SOPs

Section 8.0: FACS Procedures

Section 9.0: Additional Wicha Lab Protocols

Section 10.0: Additional SOPs and Reference Material