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Section 5.0: Staining Procedures

5.1 Staining

5.2 Staining for Paraffin Sections Using GFP Primary Antibody

5.3 Staining on Collagen Plates

5.4 ALDH1 Staining Procedure

5.5 Immunohistochemistry Protocol

5.6 Staining for Tissue Sections Using Fluorescence FITC-conjugated Anti-mouse Secondary Antibody

5.7 Staining for Tissue Sections Using RTU Vectastain Universal Quick Kit

5.8 Staining for Paraffin Sections Using Factor VII Rabbit Primary Antibody

5.9 Staining Procedure for SUM149 Cells

5.10 Staining for Goat Primary Antibody Using Zymed with DAB instead of AEC

5.11 Doubling Staining for Paraffin Factor VII ALDH1 Mouse Primary Antibody

5.12 Doubling Staining for Paraffin Sections Era

5.13 Staining for Superpicture Paraffin

5.14 Doubling Staining for GFP Mouse Monoclonal

5.15 Immunohistochemistry Protocol (ALDH stain)

5.16 Immunofluorescence Staining for Paraffin Sections (DAPI, ALDH1, CD24, CD44)

5.17 Double Immunofluorescence Staining for RAD-51 and H2Ax Foci in Cells

Section 6.0: Animal Procedures and Information

Section 7.0: Molecular Biology SOPs

Section 8.0: FACS Procedures

Section 9.0: Additional Wicha Lab Protocols

Section 10.0: Additional SOPs and Reference Material