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Nursing Information Services (NIS)

Meet Our NI Team

Carleen Penoza, MHSA, BSN, RN-BC

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Develops clinical system and technology strategies in collaboration with other senior nursing, clinical informatics, IT, and operational leaders. Responsible for ensuring quality improvement efforts promote informatics research, align with regulatory bodies and guidelines, and include evidence based practice that supports positive clinical outcomes. Carleen has oversight of the Nursing Informatics and Nursing Information Services teams.

Melissa Romanini, MS, RN-BC

Clinical Business Analyst Sr

Collaborates with all disciplines, areas, and teams to reduce nursing documentation burden and workflow issues to aid in additional time providing direct patient care that will improve healthcare outcomes. Key areas of focus include leading, and coordination of activities related to advancing the integration of Clinical Practice Model (CPM) content across all disciplines and leads downtime communication, workflow, and processes across nursing in partnership with multiple disciplines and the HITS teams.

Donna Wilson, RN

Clinical Business Analyst Sr

Works collaboratively with Anesthesiology, HITS, and Nursing to coordinate
and integrate new technology at the bedside while improving overall workflow. Provides in-depth analysis and solutions to improve bedside workflow.

Shannon Fearday, MS, RN

Clinical Business Analyst Sr

Collaborates with clinical and information technology teams to identify system issues, analyze processes, create recommendations, and implement solutions with the goal of having IT solutions that effectively and efficiently support clinical workflows. Shannon's key areas of focus include improving nursing orders, enhancing clinical communication through technical solutions, implementing Epic mobile application functionality to streamlining workflows, and increasing patient engagement during their inpatient stay with MyChart Bedside.

Annemarie Eichberger BSN, RN

Clinical Business Analyst Sr

Interacts with IP clinical staff, Nursing Informatics, and the HITS MiChart team on clinical, technical, and operational issues. Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Neonatal Intensive Care are clinically focused areas. Coordinates and integrates new documentation or technology to improve the user experience while adhering to quality, safety, and regulatory requirements.

Vicky Bristley, MSN, RN

Clinical Business Analyst Intermediate

Serves as the clinical, technical, and operational liaison between Ambulatory care clinical staff, Nursing Informatics, and HITS Ambulatory care teams. Focused on promoting efficient and user-friendly clinical documentation and integrating virtual tools into outpatient care.

Lhotse Voege, BSN, BSE, RN

Clinical Business Analyst Sr

Applies intraoperative clinical experience and knowledge to serve as the bridge between the Perioperative staff and HITS Optime teams to meet regulatory standards, institutional and department goals, and reduce documentation burden. Concentrates on enhancing Perioperative Nursing workflows, end-user proficiency, and adherence to organizational policies and procedures to improve patient care delivery. Collaborates with the Perioperative Informatics and HITS Optime teams for interoperability and supports the Office of Clinical Affairs regarding medical device and human cells, tissues, or cellular or tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) tracking.

Kate Giles, MS, RN

Transplant Informatics Specialist

Serves as the clinical, technical, and operational bridge between the Transplant Center, HITS Phoenix and Ambulatory teams, Nursing Informatics, the University of Michigan Medical Group UMMG, and Office of Clinical Affairs relating to Transplant documentation standards, regulatory documentation, and quality reporting requirements. Focusing on promoting efficiency in end user documentation systems and support for quality, safety, and regulatory preparedness for the University of Michigan Transplant Center and Donation Initiatives.

Michelle Carpentier

Executive Assistant Associate






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"Nursing informatics is the specialty that transforms data into needed information and leverages technologies to improve health and health care equity, safety, quality, and outcomes." (American Nurses Association, 2022)