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Nursing Information Technology Teams (NITT)

Nursing Information Technology Teams (NITT):

Nursing Informatics (NI) | Nursing Information Services (NIS)


Clinical and Operational
Nursing Teams
Allied Health
School of Nursing
Regulatory Agencies
Biomedical Engineering

Health System Administration
HITS (Health Information
Technology & Services)


Electronic Health Record
OneStaff | Call Light
Monitors | Phones | Web
Elsevier Clinical Skills

Payroll | Scheduling
Administrative Tools
Management Reports
Wearable Devices
Goal Sets
| Marketing Benchmarking

Guiding Principles

The University of Michigan Health Nursing Information Technology Teams (NITT) - Nursing Informatics (NI) and Nursing Information Services (NIS) - are committed to facilitate and support a multi-disciplinary approach. NITT continually and collaboratively assesses the needs of the organization by characterizing, evaluating and refining clinical processes.

By creating an environment which is synergistic, seamless and ever changing, the needs of the stakeholders within our organization are met efficiently and safely. NITT aligns the Standards of Practice with Nursing Processes to distinguish priority, develop, implement and streamline clinical decision support systems while evaluating and measuring workload at the bedside using evidence based practice.

The nursing profession at UMH focuses on patient centered care to ensure it is highly efficient while minizing redundancies and reducing the overall workload of nursing and clinical partners through organizational partnerships and clinical innovation.

Mission, Vision and Values

NITT exists to improve health outcomes, workflow process and patient satisfaction through the use of technology. Nurses continue to become more technologically savvy through application of informatics tools, methods and standardization. Increased knowledge leads to improved health outcomes, communication, nursing process, patient centered care and a reduction in overall burden to the nursing staff.














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