Vision and Guiding Principles for Nursing Information

The University of Michigan Nursing community is committed to creating and sustaining Nursing Information Services and Nursing Informatics (NI/NIS) to facilitate and support a model of interoperability among disciplines. NI/NIS continually and collaboratively assesses the needs of the organization by characterizing, evaluating and refining clinical processes.

By creating an environment which is synergistic, seamless and ever changing, the needs of the stakeholders within our organization are met efficiently and safely. NI/NIS align the Standards of Practice with Nursing Processes to distinguish priority, develop, implement and streamline clinical decision support systems while evaluating and measuring workload at the bedside.

Evidenced based practice simplifies and standardizes processes through documentation and data compliance. Through these methodologies patient centered care is highly efficient and minimizes redundancies while reducing the overall workload of the bedside nurse. By integrating nursing informatics into daily practice the procurement, customization, development, implementation, management, evaluation, and continuous improvement of clinical information systems remain at the forefront of Nursing Excellence.




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