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Committee Meetings

Meeting Date

JIT meets on the first Monday of every month from 1:00-3:00 PM


A QUORUM is defined as follows:

Nursing: Nursing Lead for Nursing Negotiations plus 2 managers or a director plus 2 managers
MNA-UMPNC: UMPNC Chair, MNA Representative, 2 members or UMPNC Vice Chair, UMPNC Dispute Chair, MNA Representative, 2 members
HR: 1 representative plus the Director of Labor Relations or designee

JIT Membership Team

Anne Jackson Julie Grunawalt Julie Juno
Mel Gibney Jenn DelVero Michelle Sullivan
Cathy Kendrick Lori Pelham Monica Rogers
Renee Curtis Bethany Moore Ted McTaggert
Vince Schraub Marie Richards Joel Gerring
Allison Carroll (Meghan Suell) Bret Kelly Paul Ranella
Jon Fairchild Amy Allen Raya York
Amy Mcgonegal Jackie Lampe Janella James


Contact JIT (Joel Gerring): joeing@med.umich.edu









Target Audience: Nursing at Michigan | Author/Contact: Cassie McNulty | Last reviewed: June 2021