Contracts & Exhibits

The following documents comprise the A/E Contract and corresponding exhibits, including forms and documents in file format.

To view the instructions for the CSA Contract Initiation, take a look at this workflow document which provides information on the different exhibits.

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Standard Contract Items
Agreement & Articles  
List of A/E Professionals  
Contract Exhibits
Exhibit A Design Professionals Basic Professional Services
Exhibit B Payment for Professional Services
Exhibit B1 Monthly Invoice Cover Sheet
Exhibit B2 Design Professional Billing Rates
Exhibit C-PID Project Initiation Directive
Exhibit D-CSA Continuing Services Agreement/ Additional Servies Aggrement
Exhibit D1 Consultant CSA Worksheet
Exhibit D2 CSA/ASA Contracted Fees Summary Sheet (Primary Consultant)
Exhibit D2-Sub-A, B or C CSA/ASA Contracted Fees Summary Sheet (Sub-Consultant)
Exhibit D3 CSA/ASA Hourly Summary Sheet (Primary Consultant)
Exhibit D3-Sub-A, B or C CSA/ASA Hourly Summary Sheet (Sub-Consultant)
Exhibit E Standard Cost Estimate & Report Template
Exhibit F Design Professionals Estimates of Construction Costs
HHC-FPD Request for Proposal
H-AE-2015 RFP #H-AE-2015 for Professional Design Services