Olive Oil: Good for you

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the health benefits of olive oil

The Hewlett Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine Research Fund and Cardiolive Oil Project give you the opportunity to experience the exciting flavor of truly fresh olive oil while benefitting important preventive cardiovascular research—what could be better for you?

The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center is the leading heart health center in the state, and a nationally recognized leader in research of the care and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Every purchase of a bottle of Owens Creek Company’s Sicilian-style Quartetto Viola counts in our vigorous efforts to defeat the nation’s #1 killer through preventive research.

The mission of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center is to be the best academic cardiovascular center in the world. Part of achieving that mission is to push the boundaries in prevention, earlier diagnosis and better therapy for all forms of cardiovascular disease, from in utero to geriatric. The CVC’s core values include respect and compassion, a desire to innovate and create new knowledge, and a strong belief in collaboration. Excellence in education, research and clinical care in cardiovascular disease starts with our team.

Donors can have a big impact in seeding early ideas, particularly in research and education as the Cardiovascular Center brings various specialists together to give great care, but also to move the boundaries in education and research.

The Cardiovascular Center is a major proponent of cardiovascular disease prevention, and actively promotes heart healthy lifestyles in the community. Olive oil is generally a healthy fat to consume, featuring a fatty acid profile high in monounsaturated fat while being low in polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Extra virgin olive oil, like Owens Creek Company’s Sicilian blend, has been shown to lower blood pressure. It also contains polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that are beneficial to human health. Olive oil also has vitamin D and vitamin K in it, both healthy substances for bones. Substituting a tablespoon or two a day of olive oil for other types of fat, like butter, reduces cardiovascular risk.

“If I could say that one of the things I did with my life was to promote some really good eating habits—promote a great food, get Americans to wake up to what a wonderful thing olive oil is—that would be an achievement in itself. I would be so happy and proud to say I was part of that.”

—Walter B. Hewlett, founder and proprietor of Owens Creek Company, and grandson of Albion Walter Hewlett