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Committee Meetings

Meeting Date

JIT meets on the first Monday of every month from 1:00-5:00PM


A QUORUM is defined as follows:

Nursing: Nursing Lead for Nursing Negotiations plus 2 managers or a director plus 2 managers
UMPNC: UMPNC Chair, MNA Representative, 2 members or UMPNC Vice Chair, UMPNC Dispute Chair, MNA Representative, 2 members
HR: 1 representative plus the Director of Labor Relations or designee

JIT Membership Team


Title Unit
Carnahan, Donna UMPNC Officer UMPNC
Cepero, Jesus Chief Nursing Officer C&W
Conyers, Desiree Registered Nurse Health Service Clinic Operations
Dorsey, Sandy Registered Nurse UH-7C
Fairchild, Jon Clinical Nursing Director Adult ED
Grachek, Ellen Sr. Labor Relations Specialist Human Resources
Grunawalt, Julie Associate Chief Nursing Officer UH
Karebian, John MNA Executive Director Michigan Nurse's Association
Kempton, Mark Sr. Labor Relations Specialist Human Resources
Mullin, MaryPat Chief Nurse Practitioner, Director of Advanced Practice Nursing Advanced Practice Nursing
Oppenheim, Katie UMPNC Officer UMPNC
Pelham, Lori Clinical Nursing Director Trauma Burn ICU
Picklesimer, Thea Registered Nurse CVM Disease Management
Prince, Renee Clinical Nursing Director UH OR
Scott, Katie Registered Nurse CVC 4
Spallina, Juanita Associate Director of Nursing Ambulatory Care Services Nursing Care
Sullivan, Michelle Labor Relations Director Human Resources
Totzkay, Debra Registered Nurse Operating Rooms
Wesley, Kathy Registered Nurse Pediatric ICU
Van Kainen, Barbara Nurse Midwife Women's Birth Center


Contact JIT (Mark Kempton): makmsnrn@med.umich.edu






Target Audience: Nursing at Michigan | Author/Contact: Mark Kempton | Last reviewed: August 2017