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Julie Piazza, Poke and Comfort Initiative project team published Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine

Congratulations to Julie Piazza and the Poke and Comfort Initiative project team. The interdisciplinary study team including members from: phlebotomy, nursing, child life and behavioral pediatrics, recently had a paper published in The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. The paper focuses on how special training provided to phlebotomists can improve comfort for pediatric patients during blood draws. Read more about it here.

Corinne Lee and Suzanne Knight invited to present ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program

Corinne Lee, DNP, RN and Suzanne Knight, DNP, RN (Professional Development and Education) were invited to present at a webinar by ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP) TM Director to share our program to those who are in the Accreditation Community across the nation. They presented Transitions-to-Practice Program: Nurse Leader Fellowship with great reviews!

Debbie Kovacevich leads work group Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Debbie Kovacevich, RN, Michigan Visiting Nurses lead a work group to develop and publish guidelines; Kovacevich, DS, et al(2018). American Society for Parenteral Nutrition Guidelines for the Selection and Care of Venous Access devices for Adult Home Parenteral Nutrition Patients. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, 1-17.

The Daisy AwardThe Daisy Award

Aaryn Ebner (5A Ortho-Trauma)

DAISY Award is given through a nationally known program currently in place in over 3,300 healthcare facilities in 50 states and 19 countries. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System and this award was established by a family whose son succumbed to a disease of the immune system. During his prolonged hospital stay, he and his family greatly benefited from care provided by superb RNs. This award was established to honor nurses who exemplify that compassionate, thorough care. Within the University of Michigan Health System, candidates for the Daisy Award are nominated by patients and/or their families. This is a wonderful honor.

Congratulations to Aaryn Ebner, (5A Ortho-Trauma) for receiving the Daisy award for November! This nomination came from a grateful family member.

"I nominate Aaryn Ebner, from the NICU, as a deserving recipient of the Daisy Award. Aaryn should receive this award for her clinical skills, compassionate care, exemplary service and continued commitment to excellence. As a clinician myself, I am so impressed with Aaryn. I am the sister of your patient, who had a dissecting aneurysm and SAH, admitted to the NICU on June 7th. At a time of emotional vulnerability and sadness, I was amazed by Aaryn's compassion and critical thinking skills. From day one of my sister's stay in the NICU, she explained to me and my family (patient's) current clinical condition, what to expect during her stay in the NICU and the things to watch for. She communicated to us in a respectful way, at the same time tending to (my sister's) needs. Her years of clinical experience is apparent, noting her bedside manner, decision-making skills, and her calmness and constant reassurance to my sister and my family. All through the days she was assigned to the care of (my sister), she demonstrated compassionate care, getting her up to the toilet several times in a 12-hour shift. With all of (patient's) lines and tubing, Aaryn came with the same smile on her face as it was the first time she had helped her that day. On another day, knowing that (patient) had been requesting a soda, Aaryn went to the cafeteria to purchase her one using her own money. She took care of my sister as if she was the only patient in the hospital under her care that shift. She made my family feel respected, informed and reassured; this is an exemplary service! Her commitment to clinical excellence was also noteworthy as evidenced by swab caps on every port of the IV lines, awesome neuro checks and the initiation of early mobility. We also noted that the room was intact and clean. Though this is a small thing, it gives us, the family members, the reflection of a well-cared for family member! We often refer to the care of a patient as a science and an art, and Aaryn exhibited both!"


Chelsea Harding accepted for presentation at AS-BMT and CIBMTR

Chelsea Harding, ENC (7W) had her poster Adult BMT Unit Significantly Prevents CLABSI accepted for presentation at The Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings of AS-BMT and CIBMTR.

Irene Knokh multiple professional accomplishments

Irene Knokh, M.Ed, MA, Instructional Learning Sr. in Professional Development and Education is keeping up with her profession and sharing with nursing.

  • Accepted: Designers for Learning Evaluation Sprint: Evaluating Open Educational Resources
  • Accepted: STAR Symposium (Scholarship, Teaching, Academics, Recognition): Quality Matters
  • Co-Presented with Dr. Jane Moore, Director of MERLOT Editorial and Professional Development Services; Editor, Teacher Education. Take a Sip of MERLOT and Save Your Students Money to Web Accessibility Group on campus.
  • Presenter August 2018: Universal Design For Learning. Developed and curated (ongoing), a document with ready Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility resources. Colleagues from other universities requested access.
Dr. Nancy May, Ambulatory Chief Nursing Officer selected to AONE Board of Directors

Dr. Nancy May, Ambulatory Chief Nursing Officer was selected through an application process to the American Or-ganization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Board of Directors. The appointment began December 2018 and runs through 2020. Nancy May was selected for her expertise in Ambulatory Care nursing leadership and will be working on projects to improve care transitions from acute care to both ambulatory and post-acute care settings.

Announcing... Two New Framework/RSAM Levels Added!

Nurses at Michigan provide compassionate, knowledgeable care to patients and families AND contribute to their practice environment in significant ways! Now may be the time for you to get started in the Professional Development Framework or Role Specific Advancement Model (RSAM) and advance in your practice setting! The decision to apply for advancement is yours to make!

What's New
We are excited to announce 2 new levels in the Framework/RSAM Advancement Model with our new contract:
Level F For Framework nurses with a Master's Degree
Mastery + For RSAM nurses with a Master's Degree

Please watch the website for details in January!

We encourage you to take advantage of one or more of the following resources available to you:
Framework website Describes in detail what you need to know to apply for advancement to Level D, E and soon F in Framework.
RSAM website Describes in detail what you need to know to apply for advancement to Expert, Mastery and soon Mastery + in RSAM roles (ENC, Clinical Care Coordinator, Flight Nurse Specialist, and RN Case Manager).
1:1 Meeting with Framework/RSAM Coach, Joanne Hazelton Joanne can work with you wherever you are in your preparation, from "just thinking about it" to working on specific portfolio elements, to interview preparation. Make an appointment with Joanne at:
Unit based sessions Joanne and Mary Anne Brancheau are available to come to your work setting to present "Getting Started with Framework/RSAM", "Exemplar Writing" or any Framework/RSAM topic of your choice. Please contact Joanne Hazelton or Mary Anne Brancheau to make arrangements.
Sue Hughes awarded ACC Distinguished Service Award

Sue Hughes, Nurse Practitioner in the Cardiovascular department received the "Distinguished Service Award" at the ACC conference in October. This was presented to her by Dr. Akshay Khandelwal, MD, Michigan Chapter ACC President.

Catherine Meldrum presented Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Update

Catherine Meldrum, PhD, MS, RN, CCRC presented Advanced Therapies for Severe COPD at University of Michigan Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Update in Plymouth, MI in October.

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