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The Daisy AwardThe Daisy Award

Congratulations to Michael Taylor (CVC ICU) for receiving the Daisy award!



The DAISY Award is given through a nationally known program currently in place in over 3,300 healthcare facilities in 50 states and 19 countries. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System and this award was established by a family whose son succumbed to a disease of the immune system. During his prolonged hospital stay, he and his family greatly benefited from care provided by superb RNs. This award was established to honor nurses who exemplify that compassionate, thorough care. Within the University of Michigan Health System, candidates for the Daisy Award are nominated by patients and/or their families. This is a wonderful honor.

Dee's nomination came from a thankful daughter.

"My father had open heart surgery and was a patient in the CVICU for two nights. We were very lucky to have Michael as his nurse both nights. He is a compassionate, caring, patient and professional nurse, to say the least. He not only went above and beyond with my father's care, but was also very caring towards my mother and I. He ensured we were both comfortable and satisfied during our night stays with my father. He also explained every part of my father's care, as he was doing it, and made sure that my father was content throughout the entire time. Michael's knowledge of his job duties show, and he was always pleasant and accommodating, and never, ever, left the room without ask-ing if we needed anything. Michael deserves the highest award you can offer as he is an extraordinary individual, who takes great pride in his work at this amazing hospital."


Diane Brown, Suzanne Knight and Julie Trinkle presented/published Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics/Home Healthcare Now

Transition-of-Care Videoconference Handoff Improved Communication, Coordination of Care, and Patient-Family Engagement

Diane Brown, BSN, RN (12E), Suzanne Knight, DNP, RN (Professional Development & Education), and Julie Trinkle, BSN, RN (Michigan Visiting Nurses) were invited to present at the Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics at the University of Maryland on July 17th. They represented the Michigan Medicine areas that have been involved in the implementation of videoconference handoffs: 11W, 12E, 7E, Michigan Visiting Nurses, and Care Management.

Additionally, the manuscript describing the initial pilot was published in the July/August edition of Home Healthcare Now. Knight, S., Tschannen, D., Trinkle, J. (2019). Hospital-to-homecare videoconference handoff improved communication, coordination of care, and patient/family engagement. Home Healthcare Now, 37(4), 198-207.

Lina Clark awarded Excellence in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Nursing

award7 East Nursing is pleased to share the outcome of the second annual Eric Hartwell Award for Excellence in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Nursing. Six nurses were nominated by their nursing peers for the award: Abby Alger, Kristin Boucher, Gretchen Cavanaugh, Lina Clark, Jennifer Hoerauf, and Samantha Newman. The final selection was made by the 7 East Interdisciplinary Team.

The 2019 award was presented to Lina Clark, RN on July 26, 2019 by Mike and Lisa Hartwell.

The Eric Hartwell Memorial Award for Excellence in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing winner is selected based upon demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

  • Consistently delivers the highest quality pediatric hematology/oncology care nursing and is valued as a resource by his/her peers.
  • Fosters the multidisciplinary team approach to pediatric hematology/oncology.
  • Strong positive role model in the Unit and is a positive influence on Unit morale.
  • Serves as a Professional Role Model by:
    • Demonstrating clinical excellence
    • Positive assertive communication
    • Staying current with nursing and medical literature
    • Participation in Unit and Hospital policy development
    • Demonstrates interest and participation in unit nursing and medical research projects
    • Seeks to participate in Unit governance activities
    • Advocates solutions to problems in a constructive and collegial manner
SICU Nursing Staff presented American Association of Critical Care Conference, National Teaching Institute

Congratulations to our SICU staff for presenting at the American Association of Critical Care conference, National Teaching Institute. They had a podium presentation and a poster presentation. This conference brings 8500 critical care nurses together to share, learn and network best practice. This year it was held in Orlando Florida, May 19-23.

The podium presentation (60 minutes) was:
Clearing the Toxins: Extracorporeal Detoxification for Liver Failure
Sharon Dickinson, MSN, RN, CNS-BC, ANP, CCRN
Connie Rickelmann, BSN, RN, CCRN

The poster presentation was:
Can a busy Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), become a restraint free unit and sustain it?
Sharon Dickinson MSN, RN, CNS-BC, ANP, CCRN
Mary LaBeske , MSN, RN, CNML
Connie Rickelmann BSN, RN, CCRN

Kate Van Bonn - poster presentation 2019 Facets of Pediatric Nursing Care Conference

Kate Van Bonn, RN (Michigan Visiting Nurses) was accepted for a poster presentation at the 2019 Facets of Pediatric Nursing Care conference on Thursday, May 16, 2019, Ann Arbor, MI. Abstract: Impact of RN Recommendation/Support for the Infant Feeding Method a New Mother Decides is Optimal for Her Family.

Kathy Miller, Angie Common, Jessica Jarvis and Adam Bunckle - poster presentation
2019 UMHS Poster Day and 2019 Facets of Pediatric Nursing Care Conference

Congratulations to the Brighton Center for Specialty Care PACU staff; Kathy Miller, MHA, BSN; Angie Common, BSN, CMS-RN; Jessica Jarvis, CCLS, CFLE and Adam Gunckle, MSN, CRNA for being accepted for a Clinical Innovation Abstract and Poster at the 2019 UMHS Poster Day and 2019 Facets of Pediatric Nursing Care Conference. The topic: Partnerships between Nursing and Child Life Specialists: More than just Fun and Games.

Lorelei Papke published Journal of Vascular Access

Lorelei Papke, RN, MSN retiring Clinical Director was the second author and collaborated with a Doctor of Pharmacology, a Clinical Pharmacist and a PhD Biostatistician both from the College of Pharmacy Adbul-Aziz University to publish the final article "The Etiology of Potassium Chloride-Induced Phlebitis: How Safe and Effective is Admixed Lidocaine?" - in the Journal of Vascular Access (JAVA) 24(1).

The paper's focus is on the use of Lidocaine and its pharmacological actions that is not very well known. This is what makes the paper unique. The conclusion is that, at the clinical level, the pain and phlebitis rates of KCl infusions may be more related to vasoconstriction than the low pH and high osmolality of the drug. The addition of lidocaine to the potassium chloride infusion appears to be safe through the anesthetic, vasodilation and anti-inflammatory effects.

Irene Knokh - Multiple accolades

Irene Knokh, Professional Development and Education's Instructional Learning staff member has been busy and received the following accolades:

  • 12th year presenting: three presentations accepted for Enriching Scholarship 2019
  • 3rd year as a mentor: Michigan IT (and Instructional Design-Instructional Technology), mentor
  • Peer Reviewer Extraordinaire 2019 (
  • Educause Ambassador
Nursing at Michigan Influencing the World!
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