Survival Flight: Landing Zone Information

General Landing Zone

A Federal Aviation Administration reviewed landing zone is desirable at hospitals that frequently use Survival Flight.

At other sites, including accident scenes, certain rules should be observed for safe operations.

The requirements are:

UMHS Landing Zone Information

NEVER Approach the Aircraft from the rear!

Regional Landing Zone Classes

Survival Flight is dedicated to providing education to our partners in the community. We provide landing zone classes to Fire, Police and EMS agencies with the goal to maximize safety during scene operations. We discuss how to set up a safe landing zone and ways to avoid certain hazards. Once the classroom portion is completed and a landing zone has been properly constructed, an available Survival Flight helicopter will land.
Due to the large number of Landing Zone Class requests, we are proud to offer our new Regional Landing Zone Class. We are working with Fire Departments to reach out to neighboring agencies in order to reach as many agencies as possible. CEUs are available.