MiShare is a secure collaborative file transfer system provided by HITS. The MiShare infrastructure provides a method approved by the Michigan Medicine Corporate Compliance Office and Information Assurance for Michigan Medicine personnel, business partners of Michigan Medicine, patients and researchers to securely transfer files, including files that contain electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), protected research data, or other sensitive information. Files are encrypted while being uploaded or downloaded, and are encrypted while they are on the MiShare server when sent as a package.

To access the system, launch a web browser and go to the following link:


From that page, anyone with a Level-2 account and med.umich.edu email address can authenticate with their Level-2 username and password to send files, in the form of packages, to other Michigan Medicine personnel or someone at another institution. Patients or any other Non-Michigan Medicine individuals can send packages to a Michigan Medicine person by clicking the Register and Send Files link.

With MiShare, uploaded packages are not transferred from Michigan Medicine systems to external systems. Rather, packages remain on the server and must be retrieved from the Michigan Medicine server by the recipient using a provided link. The MiShare system can only be used to transfer files either through SSH/sFTP or through a web https; it is not possible to mount a MiShare volume as a drive letter for a desktop computer. As files are uploaded and bundled in packages, they are also encrypted to allow secure transfer. Packages will currently only be available for five days. Packages older than 5 days are automatically deleted and cannot be retrieved.