Letter From Our Co-Directors

James B. Froehlich, MD, MPH

Dr. Froehlich

Eva Kline-Rogers, RN, MS, NP

Eva Kline-Rogers

What began as Dr. Eagle’s vision over 25 years ago has resulted in an outcomes research laboratory that continues to thrive and challenge faculty, staff, and students to improve health care worldwide.

We are fortunate to have a team of committed, dedicated, hard-working staff and extraordinary passion and commitment of investigators from around the world. Dr. Eagle’s leadership has been essential; his exemplary commitment to excellence, inclusiveness and mentorship continues to promote collaboration among a variety of disciplines and professionals.

Our team is diverse, with collaborators from Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health, and others contributing to knowledge needed to improve care in a complex healthcare system. Not only do we measure clinical outcomes in cardiovascular patients and student populations, we also examine the delivery of care, ethics of health care, efficiency of care, and assess quality of life.

Our team continues to expand our horizons and challenge our students to expand as well, exemplified by the following. We are working with faculty in critical care to observe treatment and outcomes in patients admitted to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with a particular focus on patients in cardiogenic shock. This registry has engaged our staff and students, challenging them to learn how the complexities of hemodynamic monitoring affect treatment and outcomes. As part of our work with school children in Project Healthy Schools, we are working with a team to examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on school nutrition directors in the state. Our work with the My Heart Your Heart Project has heightened our awareness of cultural differences across countries, while re-affirming the universal goal of improving patients’ lives.

Each day I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved with this vibrant group of dedicated professionals. In my 40 year career at Michigan, I have never worked with a better group of faculty - who are not only intellectual and thought leaders in their respective fields, but are also genuinely compassionate and nice people! I am also grateful to the many donors and granting agencies who continue to invest in our work. I am confident that MCORRP will continue to provide a vibrant, challenging and caring environment for our staff and continue to prepare our students for the challenges which lie ahead. We will face these challenges with thoughtfulness and compassion, armed with the collective support of members of the MCORRP Family.