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Hybridoma Core Request Forms

If you have questions about Hybridoma Core services, please contact Elizabeth Smith by phone at 734-763-9271 or by e-mail at

All request forms are fillable pdf files. Please complete the information requested, save the file to your desktop and send the form as an email attachment to  Paper forms will not be accepted. Please contact the Hybridoma Core if you need assistance with with completing any information requested in a form.

Fusion Request Form: includes immunization and fusion to generate new hybridoma cell lines.  Immunization is optional in cases where a laboratory wishes to immunize their own mice or rats. A project to develop a new monoclonal antibody generally requires a meeting of the principal investigator and the involved laboratory staff with the Hybridoma Core director and a member of the Hybridoma Core staff to discuss the strategies involved in a successful project.

Bulk Antibody Production Request Form: includes antibody production (milligram amounts) from a hybridoma cell line in vivo as ascites (in Balb/c mice, immunosuppressed Balb/c mice or athymic nude mice) or in vitro using the CELLine high density culture vessel. All productions should be discussed and arranged with the Hybridoma Core by contacting Elizabeth Smith.

Hybridoma Deposits, Subcloning and Other Services Form:  this form covers most other services such as requests for the Hybridoma Core to grow and store a hybridoma cell line obtained from other sources, requests to subclone an existing hybridoma, in vitro production of antibody in standard cell culture supernatant (up to 200 ml) or other special service requests.