UMMC Primary Helistop

Location and Use: Across the street from emergency department, cantilevered off the side of a hill and sitting approximately 50 feet below grade of East Medical Center Drive. Helistop accomodates two aircraft. To be used for all incoming patient flights to the University of Michigan Health Systems, unless otherwise directed by Survival Flight Communications or transporting a critically ill "direct admit" to Holden or Mott.

LAT/LONG: N 42 17 07.7 / W 83 43 39.2

Dimensions: Updated shortly

PCL: 130.6 key 5X

Elevation: 800 feet

Windsock: Lighted. Southside of helistop on rooftop between both pads

Weight Limit: Updated shortly

Coordinates and Helipad Graphics

General Information

  • Notify Survival Flight Communications Center prior to departing home station
  • Pilots notify Survival Flight Communications Center 10 minutes prior to landing on 130.6
  • For noise abatement purposes, approach and departure should be from the NW, NE and E.
  • Approach and departure routes along with associated coordinates can be obtained by following the above link.
  • All aircrafts movements, (LDG, T/O, and REPOSITIONING) will be coordinated with Survival Flight Communications. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Wires 300 feet N and 50 feet above the heliport elevation that are marked with 20-inch high-visibility balls striped with night reflective tape. The associated poles for this string of wires will be marked with red obstruction lights.
  • 2 poles (associated with a river crossing) for another set of wires 320 feet to the NE and 50 feet above the heliport elevation. These poles will also be marked with red obstruction lights and the associated wires identically marked with high-visibility balls.
  • 100-foot tall trees running parallel to and 20 feet above the wires.
  • Trees located on the hill between the heliport and the road.

Please call Survival Flight Communications Center at 1-800-822-2233 if there are any questions regarding landing at any of the University of Michigan helipads.

Updated: May 1, 2001