Survival Flight

Providing life-saving transportation for over three decades!

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(800) 822-2233

For transport requests via helicopter or fixed wing airplane.

SURVIVAL FLIGHT, the critical care transport program of the UMHS, provides rapid and safe transport of critically ill and injured patients of any age group. We are proud of our team of highly experienced flight nurses, who are dually licensed as paramedics and are nationally known for their skills and expertise.

"Survival Flight is about more than just getting a really sick patient from point A to point B... it's about the highly specialized care the patient receives before, during and after transport."


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Aviation Services provided by Metro Aviation who is responsible for control of all flight operations and staffing of flight crew and mechanics.

Long time Survival Flight helicopter pilot, Mark Newlands retired this last November after completing over 3,400 total transports in nearly 30 years. Mark began his career with Survival Flight in 1986 and was an influential contributor in establishing the strategies that would guide the program into the future. Having served in the Army in Europe and the Middle East, Mark took the skills he had been taught in the service and brought back his expertise and commitment to safety. Quiet, calm and efficient, Mark was the ultimate EMS pilot with an impressive record of safety and a wicked sense of timing and humor. Mark performed as the Pilot in Command of the Twinstar aircraft, the Bell 230’s, the Bell 430’s and Survival Flight’s current aircraft, the EC155’s. Mark's retirement is our loss, but a well-deserved respite for him. We thank Mark for his many years of outstanding service and wish him all the best!