Survival Flight: Mobile Training

Taking Our Simulator-Based Training On the Road

Michigan Medicine SURVIVAL FLIGHT is proud to announce the newest addition to our outreach educational program - the Mobile Training Unit, affectionately known as the MTU. The MTU will be used to enhance our education programs for firefighters and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) crews in our region.

In response to the overwhelming demand for quality training programs for firefighters and EMS professionals, Survival Flight instituted a bimonthly "EMS Night Out" several years ago. These sessions proved so popular and the feedback was so positive, Survival Flight sought to find other ways to make this type of training more widely available. Through the generosity of private donors, we were able to take a decommissioned ambulance, make some repairs and modifications, and turn it into our MTU.

The inside of the MTU looks like any other ambulance, with shelves and bags filled with resuscitation equipment and supplies. However, instead of a patient on the stretcher, we have installed a human patient simulator. The simulator will be used in different scenarios, giving trainees a whole new level of realism by having a "patient" that will respond to their interventions. The physiologic, real-life response of the manikin enhances the realism of the encounter and assists in developing the participant’s critical thinking and technical skills.

But not only will the person inside the MTU benefit. Cameras are unobtrusively mounted on the interior walls so that images of what’s going on inside are broadcast to a large flat-screen television built into a cabinet on the outside of the vehicle. Thus, the audience can observe and learn from what is happening inside the vehicle. The television can also be used to deliver presentations.

Survival Flight’s goal is to put many more miles on the MTU, assisting fire departments and EMS agencies by bringing the training they deserve directly to them, thus keeping them available and in service in their home region.

Please feel free to contact our MTU Coordinator John Booth by e-mail with questions:

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