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UMHS BSN Student Nurse Extern Program
Information for the summer 2014 Program

Target Audience: UMHS Nursing Students and prospective externs from other schools
Author/Contact: Externship Team
Webmaster: Irene Knokh
Last reviewed date: April 16, 2014

Congratulations to this year's Student Nurse Externs!

Program Communication:

About our program

About the Program

The University of Michigan Student Nurse Extern Program is a work/study experience, which focuses on the utilization of the nursing process to meet the bio/psycho/social needs of the patient with real or potential life threatening health problems.The program consists of ten weeks of concentrated time spent on a selected unit, under the direct supervision of a RN preceptor. It is a unique experience that allows students to function in a nursing role in a safe and supportive environment.

The Student Nurse Extern Program offers the participants an exceptional opportunity to develop their nursing skills. The didactic portion of the program is concentrated during the first two weeks of the program. Students who are selected for this program must be prepared for a full 36-40 hour commitment per week (over 360 total hours of clinical work).

Dress Policy

Time Off and Reschedules/missed shifts (information will be updated as needed)

Vitally Important Information:


Program Staff

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Target Audience: Prospective Student Nurse Externs | Author/Contact: Externship Team
Irene Knokh (734-763-8035) | Last reviewed: April 16, 2014