Nursing at Michigan Performance Evaluations

*NEW for extended pilot!* Online Nursing Performance Evaluation Tools

Performance Evaluation Steps:

RN receives email notice from unit AA (month prior to seniority month), then completes 3 steps:


Obtain peer feedback

from at least 3 peers covering all domains.
Use our NEW Peer Selection & Invitation
Qualtrics tool.


Complete self-evaluation

within 3 weeks. See Self-Evaluation below and choose tool for your level.


Meet with clinical nursing

Date set by unit

Online Qualtrics Forms!

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Important! Read before proceeding:

Performance Evaluation Process

The process of annual evaluation is a professional and contractual obligation. All parties are accountable for following this process and ensuring timely review. The evaluation process is supportive of professional growth and development in order to ensure quality patient care and optimal outcomes.

Upon receiving notification of the annual evaluation email from the unit AA, the employee has three weeks to complete the performance evaluation process (including peer feedback and self-evaluation). Nurses should be sure to select the appropriate performance evaluation tool for their role/level and follow the instructions that are included within each.

Review the following before you begin:

The completed peer feedback survey responses will be auto-forwarded via email to:

  • the RN who is being evaluated
  • the peer completing the feedback
  • the clinical nursing director/supervisor

The completed self-evaluation survey responses will be auto-forwarded via email to:

  • the RN who is being evaluated
  • the clinical nursing director/supervisor

NEW items for extended pilot!

For our pilot nursing units: 5B, 8A, Cancer Center & Ravitz Infusion, PACU, PICU, SSSU

Peer Feedback

  1. The nurse will select and request a minimum of 3 peers to perform peer review using the Peer Selection & Invitation Tool.
    • Those selected must be educated in the peer review process. At least one peer must be an RN.
    • Each nurse will be asked to evaluate the person on selected domains, so that all Framework or RSAM domains are reviewed by peers.
    • The Framework Clinical Skills and Knowledge OR RSAM Clinical Thinking and Judgment domain must be completed by an RN.
  1. The peers will complete the appropriate Peer Feedback tool for the RN requesting their feedback.
    • Peers will indicate the level/behaviors that best describe the nurse for whom they are providing feedback. Peer reviewers are encouraged to provide examples as prompted within the tool.
    • Peers should complete the tool within 7 days
    • When the peer submits the peer feedback tool, their responses will be auto-forwarded via email to the nurse being evaluated, the nurse's clinical nursing director/supervisor, as well as to their own entered email address.




RN Level A, C, D & E Peer Feedback Tool

Sneak peek at the peer feedback domain questions:
Clinical Skills and Knowledge  |  Therapeutic Relationships
Professional Relationships  |  Professional Development
Advancing Practice Through Innovation and Research


Clinical Care Coordinator Peer Feedback Tool

Education Nurse Coordinator Peer Feedback Tool

Flight Nurse Specialist Peer Feedback Tool

RN Case Manager Peer Feedback Tool


  1. Below, the nurse will select the appropriate self-evaluation tool for their role. After logging in with Level 1 (Kerberos) credentials, the nurse will then be prompted to select their level within Framework (A, C, D or E) or RSAM (Role Entry/Competent, Expert or Mastery).
  2. The nurse will consider the input provided by the peer evaluation(s) when completing their self-evaluation and will summarize the peer feedback within the self-evaluation tool in the Required Feedback Section.
  3. Supportive comments must be included in the summary section(s).
  4. When the nurse submits the self-evaluation tool, their responses will be auto-forwarded via email to their clinical nursing director/supervisor, as well as to their own entered email address. The clinical nursing director/supervisor will then complete their portion of the evaluation tool.
  5. Meet with the clinical nursing director/supervisor - date set by unit.




RN Level A, C, D & E Self-Evaluation Tool

Sneak peek at the self-evaluation survey:
Level A
  |  Level C  |  Level D  |  Level E


Clinical Care Coordinator Self-Evaluation Tool

Education Nurse Coordinator Self-Evaluation Tool

Flight Nurse Specialist Self-Evaluation Tool

RN Case Manager Self-Evaluation Tool

Clinical Nursing Director/Supervisor


Within the anniversary month of the nurse, the clinical nursing director/supervisor should:

  1. Receive completed Peer Feedback tools - As each peer submits a peer feedback survey, the clinical nursing director/supervisor will receive a separate auto-email notice which should be saved/printed* for employee's blue folder and the evaluation meeting.
  2. Receive completed RN Self-Evaluation tool - When the nurse submits the self-evaluation tool, the clinical nursing director/supervisor will receive an auto-email notice indicating it has been completed and should click the custom link provided in the email to open the clinical nursing director/supervisor view of the evaluation survey.
  3. Complete the clinical nursing director/supervisor portion of the evaluation tool - The clinical nursing director/supervisor should view the nurse's survey responses, enter clinical nursing director/supervisor responses/ratings within each section as prompted, and upload any additional supporting materials. Clinical nursing director/supervisor should utilize peer and self-evaluations as well as own knowledge of employee performance, include supporting comments for behaviors in the summary section(s), and include rationale for ratings other than “meets expectations”. Once the clinical nursing director/supervisor submits their responses, he/she will receive a final auto-email notice. The body of that email will contain a printable summary of both the RN and clinical nursing director/supervisor responses.
  4. Arrange an appointment to meet with the nurse. The clinical nursing director/supervisor may send the completed evaluation email to the nurse electronically for review prior to the meeting to allow conversation to be focused on goals.
  5. Meet with the nurse and finalize the performance evaluation process. The clinical nursing director/supervisor should print the completed annual evaluation email notice and any uploaded supporting files for review/signature. The printed peer feedback notices should be attached to the printed evaluation for the RN's blue folder and HR. All items should be sent to HR for placement in RN's blue folder. The clinical nursing director/supervisor should provide the RN with a copy of all performance evaluation materials.

* For tips on Ourlook rules or printing email content without headers, view the clinical nursing director/supervisor tip sheet.

Leadership-initiated Evaluations (for use ONLY when RN does not provide self data)

The leadership-initiated evaluation survey has been incorporated in with the RN survey:
Registered Nurse Level A, C, D & E Self-Evaluation Tool

At the first prompt, select “Clinical Nursing Director/Supervisor”. The survey will require you to request and use a custom KEY LINK sent to your email inbox, so have your inbox readily accessible when you begin. You will have two ways to save your responses and continue later if you cannot complete the evaluation in one sitting. Directions are within the survey.

Performance Evaluation Tracking

Tracking Log Template (Excel) - for unit tracking of performance evaluation process documents/steps


Clinical Nursing Directors/Supervisors will receive via auto-email:

Completed Peer Feedback Tools

Completed RN Self-Evaluation Tool (with custom link to add clinical nursing director/supervisor responses)


Sneak peek at the self-evaluation survey with highlighted tasks for Clinical Nursing Directors/Supervisors:

Level A  |  Level C  |  Level D  |  Level E


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