The Value of Morphomics

Analytic Morphomics® allows us to catch and filter just the right data, at just the right time, to provide just the right treatment, in the right dose, for the right outcome which equates to perfectly personalized and precise care.

What are "omics"?

"Omics", is a field of study (informal) in biology which includes but is not limited to genomics, environmentomics, metabolomics, and morphomics. This field endeavors to collect and characterize groups of molecules in order to better understand what constitutes an organism's structure, functions, and responses.

Is it Raining Outside?

Currently, clinicians make assumptions based on their own past experience and widely accepted, possibly outmoded means of data collection about their patients to determine courses of treatment and diagnosis.

This practice is similar to sitting in a sound proof room with the shades drawn and attempting to determine if it's raining outside. In order to make this determination, one could look at the annual Farmer's Almanac forecast. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Some of the other "omics" are akin to using a 7-day forecast from one week ago; again, better than nothing. The more precise "omics" bio-markers become increasing helpful for prediction, but are still not exact, like using the weather report from yesterday to decide if you need your umbrella today.

Analytic Morphomics® is like pulling up the shade and looking out the window, precisely because it uses current state to inform decision making and to determine an appropriate course of treatment.

How do we get this data?

Medical imaging is captured in pristine condition while patient response to treatment is progressively observed. Unlike many of the other "omics" bio-markers that need to be studied using routinely collected samples that are analyzed and destroyed in the process, these "natural experiments" have long been the source of discernments that have cultivated medical advances.

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Morphomics is incredibly collaborative in nature, and its true power comes from bringing together experts and data from many fields to tackle important questions about human health and well-being.