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Oral Surgery TMD and Orofacial Pain Referral Form

Thank you for your interest in referring a patient to the University of Michigan Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department / Hospital Dentistry. Please complete the information below so that we can triage and most expeditiously provide care for your patient.

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Nonsurgical TMD & Orofacial Pain
   Lawrence Ashman, DDS

Surgical TMJ Treatment
   Sharon Aronovich, DMD, FRCD (C)
   Stephen Feinberg, DDS, MS, PhD
   Christos Skouteris, DMD, PhD
   No Preference




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   Primary Care
   Oral Surgery
Primary Care Physician
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**If you have radiographs and would like to submit them digitally:

  • Please use MiShare
  • Use as the "Recipient Email"
  • Please do not email Patient Medical Information

Otherwise please have the patient bring them at the time of their appointment.

While type of insurance does not effect quality of care, your patient is responsible to know if he/she may be treated at our facility and if an insurance referral is needed from a primary care physician. If these guidelines are not followed, your patient may receive a bill for services rendered. The patient is able to contact member services located on his/her insurance card for more information. Payment for each visit is expected at the time of service for patients with no insurance, insurance coverage that does not pay for the type of treatment we render, and insurance policies we do not accept.

We do not accept the following insurance: BCN Adv, HAP assigned to Henry Ford, DMC, Genesys, or county insurance other than Washtenaw.