Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) at the University of Michigan Health System evaluate and treat children and adults who are experiencing difficulty with communication (speech, voice, language, resonance, cognitive-communication or social communication) or specific types of swallowing problems (oral-pharyngeal dysphagia).

Communicating our needs, ideas and feelings is the most complex of human behaviors, a process that can be affected by congenital syndromes, developmental delay, disease, injury to the brain or alterations to the speech structures. At the UMHS, the SLP staff is committed to excellence in three distinct areas: patient care, education and clinical research. Our website will provide you with specific information about Speech-Language Pathology services at UMHS, including information about educational programs and research projects: www.med.umich.edu/speechpath/. Related links, including the American Speech Language and Hearing Association's website, host a variety of information regarding speech, language and swallowing skills, including a description of typical speech-language development in children.

For over 45 years, Speech-Language Pathology at Michigan Medicine has been a leader in advancing diagnostic and treatment protocols for children and adults experiencing communication and/or swallowing difficulties. Whether participating in NIH grants, teaching courses at local universities and national conferences or evaluating a new treatment method, our certified Speech-Language Pathologists have one central goal: to work closely with patients and families to improve quality of life through enhanced communication and swallowing skills.

The mission of Speech-Language Pathology is to:

Please contact us at Speech-Pathology@med.umich.edu: we welcome your feedback.