HomeShare is an alternative way of meeting housing needs. It offers numerous benefits to renters and homeowners alike. People share housing for different reasons, including: companionship, personal safety, help with chores, or to offset the rising cost of rents, taxes, utilities, and maintenance, live in a house that is now too large since their children have left home, or they may be one-parent families, single elderly persons or elderly couples. In all these situations, the homeowner may find it difficult to cope with the responsibilities of maintaining a household.

Renters may be graduate students, newly divorced persons, professionals recently moved to the area, or anyone in need of low cost housing who seeks the comforts of a home living environment and enjoys living with others.

Simply put, HomeSharing is an arrangement where two or more unrelated people (one individual must be 55 years of age or older) share a dwelling, each having private space along with shared common areas. A shared arrangement might involve a homeowner and a renter, or two or more people renting a house or apartment together. HomeSharers may arrange a regular rental agreement or exchange services for part or all of the rent. No two HomeSharing situations are alike; each is tailored to the needs and desires of the people involved.

The HomeShare Coordinator, along with trained volunteers, explores potential matches with appropriate home seekers.

A careful screening process includes:

Home providers can:

Home seekers can:

Both home providers and home seekers can enjoy:

It is highly recommended that service expectations, as well as the rents are very clearly defined in a written home sharing agreement.

For more information, contact our Intake Coordinator at 734-998-9339. or email