Report a Concern

At Michigan Medicine our goal is to provide the best healthcare experience possible. So, if we fall short of your expectations, we want too know about it. You have the right to express any concerns you may have. The recommended first course of action is to speak with the medical team responsible for the patient's care. If resolution cannot be reached, then Patient Relations and Clinical Risk is the destination for patients and families when the healthcare provided fails to meet expectations.

To tell us about your experience and any suggestions for improvement, please complete the form provided. This form will then be sent to Patient Relations and Clinical Risk staff who will review and address your concerns in a fair and reasonable manner to ensure an impartial review. If you'd prefer to contact Patient Relations and Clinical Risk directly, you may call 877-285-7788 or 734-936-4330. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable information that allows us to continuously improve care and services we provide.

If you have questions/concerns about how and under what circumstances animals are used for research purposes, please visit: Use of Animals in Research and Education at the University of Michigan or email.


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