Limit cycles in the presence of convection: a first-order analysis


We consider a diffusion model with limit cycle reaction functions. In an unbounded domain, diffusion spreads pattern outwards from the source. Convection adds instability to the reaction-diffusion system. We see the result of the instability in a readiness to create pattern. In the case of strong convection, we consider that the first-order approximation may be valid for some aspects of the solution behaviour. We employ the method of Riemann invariants and rescaling to transform the reduced system into one invariant under parameter change. We carry out numerical experiments to test our analysis. We find that most aspects of the solution do not comply with this, but we find one significant characteristic which is approximately first order. We consider the correspondence of the Partial Differential Equation with the Ordinary Differential Equation along rays from the initiation point in the transformed system. This yields an understanding of the behaviour.