Wylie Stroberg

Are you interested in joining our laboratory?

Wylie Stroberg

Are you interested in joining our laboratory?

We are always interested in recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to join our research group. We also welcome faculty for sabbatical visits.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Undergraduate students can pursue research experiences in the Schnell lab through the University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, and the Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology Summer Fellowship Programs.

If you have any questions about the undergraduate research opportunities in our laboratory, you can contact Dr. Schnell.

Are you transitioning between your undergraduate major/master and PhD?

The Schnell Lab is always seeking postbaccalaureate researchers, who are seeking to gain significant research experience before applying to a Medical Scientist Training Program or PhD program.

We welcome applications from engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry or biophysics graduates. Applicants should have some experience in cross-platform MATLAB, C++, or Python programming, and software development environments and tools. Applicants should also have experience in mathematical modeling and numerical solutions of differential equations. The research associate will be expected to work effectively both independently and with other colleagues as required.

For more information, please contact Dr. Schnell.

How can I pursue my PhD in the Schnell Lab?

If you are interested pursuing your graduate studies in the Schnell Lab, you can join us through the Applied & Interdisciplinary Mathematics Graduate Program, the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, the Bioinformatics Graduate Program, the Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, or the Molecular & Integrative Physiology Graduate Program from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Schnell can only supervised (or co-supervised) students admitted to the above programs.

Are you interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow?

If you are interested in applying to a postdoctoral position in the Schnell lab, please read some of our recent papers. Then, write carefully a two- to three-page proposal outlining what you would want to do with us. Once you have done this, please send your proposal with a cover letter explaining your suitability for the position, your full CV, and names of references to Dr. Schnell via email.

Self-funded opportunities

Dr. Schnell is happy to receive inquiries from self-funded graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty. Please send a over letter explaining your interest for our laboratory, your full CV, and names of references to Dr. Schnell via email.

Santiago Schnell
John A. Jacquez Collegiate Professor of Physiology

My research focuses on developing standard-methods to obtain high quality measurements in the biomedical sciences and mathematical models of biomedical systems.