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The Professional Development Framework and Role Specific
Advancement Model application process begins here for:
• Framework Levels D, E, and F
• RSAM Expert, Mastery and Mastery Plus Levels
    • Clinical Care Coordinator
    • Educational Nurse Coordinator
    • Flight Nurse Specialist
    • RN Case Manager

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The application process involves 3 steps...

1. Meet with our Coach

Our Framework/RSAM coach can assist you in your preparation for advancement in a variety of ways -- you can choose the focus:

  • "Getting Started" meeting to learn the advancement
    process from start to finish
  • Discussion of overall readiness and decision to apply
  • Portfolio preparation -- assistance with any or all portfolio elements
  • Interview preparation

This valuable resource is offered as an option for all advancement candidates. Past candidates have found the coach to be very helpful. Request a coach appointment:

2. Online Porfolio
Application Form

Our online application form collects a comprehensive picture of your nursing practice and how you meet all Framework or RSAM Behaviors.

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My Advancement Applications*

*NOTE: application form is available within the UMHS Network or VPN with login only. Never used VPN or working from a personal computer without VPN? For setup help, call HITS! (734) 936-8000.

Simplified application process with built-in automated tools:

  • Auto-invite your Clinical Nursing Director and colleagues to complete their parts; upload their submissions within the form
  • Self-assessment with dropdown ratings and comments/examples
  • Upload required documents (resume, exemplars, etc.) and up to five optional supporting items
  • Instructions and resource links throughout the form
  • Email notifications

NOTE: Our application form was built using Microsoft SharePoint. Use of Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended (not Chrome).

3. Your Central
Committee Interview

Your formal application process includes the scheduling of an interview with a Central Committee Review Panel.

If advanced, the date of submission affects the timing of one's pay raise per the published Framework and RSAM applicant calendars.

Central Committee Interview Guidelines

NOTE: ALL REQUIRED ELEMENTS must be obtained and dated within 1 year prior to portfolio submission date.
Here's what to expect when using the portfolio application form...
Instructions and links to the following resources appear throughout the Framework/RSAM Portfolio Application Form, and are listed below for reviewing prior to starting the advancement application process.
CND Voice Tool Nurses applying for advancement: auto-invite your CND to complete the CND Voice Tool using the Framework/RSAM Portfolio Application Form
CNDs: Start New CND Voice Tool or use link from your e-invite
My CND Voice Tools - includes in-progress and previously submitted forms
Letters of Support
Two (2) are required
For Framework advancement: Instructions | Samples
One (1) Letter of Support must be in the Clinical Skills and Knowledge Domain
For RSAM advancement:
Instructions | Samples
Each Letter of Support must address two (2) different domains for a total of four (4) different domains
Professional Statement Instructions | Samples
Resume Instructions | Sample
Two (2) are required
What is an Exemplar? | Checklist | Special Presentation on Exemplar Writing by Dr. Chris Pacini, PhD, RN
Project Summary
for Master's Prepared Applicants
Instructions (for Framework Level F or RSAM Mastery+ applicants only)

Optional File Uploads
Miscellaneous - Optional, including work such as copy of poster or other presentation, patient education/staff education materials.

  • All documents must be from within the past 1-2 years.
  • You may attach a maximum of 5 miscellaneous files.
  • NOTE: The Central Committee may not have enough time to review
    these items.
  • Take care not to include too much in this section. It is intended to supplement your portfolio rather than become the biggest part of it!


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Suggestions? Feedback? Framework & RSAM Online Application/Process Feedback Survey - Qualtrics survey



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