MiShare provides secure file transfers into, out of, and within Michigan Medicine. It automatically synchronizes with MM Level-2 Accounts and Groups, and stores its own roster of non-MM accounts (both self-registered and accounts created by MiShare Administrators). File transfers can be ad hoc or automated.

A Word about Security

MiShare is HIPAA and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Security Level 1 compliant. When using SSH/FTP, MiShare defaults to ssh-dss, but fully supports the ssh-rsa cipher. File names are visible in audit logs, but file contents are not.

A Word about Storage

MiShare uses a generous but limited amount of file storage. Any file stored in MiShare will be automatically deleted after 5 days. Additionally, a single MiShare ad hoc transfer should not be used to send a Package larger than 4Gb, because web browsers will usually time out during the upload/download of larger files.

Ad hoc Transfers

A non-MM user can self-register to send files to a MM address, or a MM user can send files to non-MM address. Either way requires both users to use a web browser to log into mishare.med.umich.edu and manually upload/download the collection of file(s) (a.k.a. "Package"). Non-MM accounts must follow the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, and will be deleted if they remain idle for 9 months, or their password is allowed to age more than 365 days.

Automated Transfers

Any MM user can request an automated transfer (a.k.a. "Task"), which will transfer files on a regular schedule. All Tasks must have at least one Source and at least one Destination. The table below provides generic descriptions of the different Source and Destination Methods supported by MiShare Tasks.

Source Methods Destination Methods
MiShare will retrieve from a Michigan Medicine server MiShare will send to a Michigan Medicine server
MiShare will retrieve from an external server MiShare will send to an external server
I/my team will manually upload to MiShare I/my team will manually download from MiShare
An external user/server will upload to MiShare MiShare will store files for an external user/server to download

Each of these Methods provides distinct options and different configuration questions. Listing them all here would take several pages; you can select the Methods that look like a good fit for your business requirements and discuss them with a MiShare Administrator for more details.

In addition to at least one Source and at least one Destination, a Task:

  • Must be associated with a MM department, group, or team
  • Must have a Schedule to tell it how often to run
  • Should be configured to send an email if the Task-run fails
  • Can be configured to send an email if the Task-run succeeds or finds no files to transfer
  • Can be configured to transfer from multiple Sources, and to multiple Destinations