IMpact Program

Enhancing athleticism, reducing the likelihood of injury


Does your sport involve jumping? Are you worried about injury?

MedSport's IMpact Program will build your functional strength, coordination and agility by emphasizing the proper jumping and landing techniques for you and your sport.

Research shows that athletes who participate in jump training programs have fewer ACL injuries. Our goal is to help you enhance your athleticism while reducing your likelihood of serious injury.

MedSport's IMpact Program includes:

Research on Female Athletes and Jump Training - Looking for Participants

Because female athletes are nearly eight times more likely to sustain an ACL injury than their male counterparts, it is extremely important for them to be involved in a jump-training program designed by knowledgeable sports medicine professionals.

We have designed MedSport's IMpact Program from the outcomes of jump-training research conducted with female athletes. We are in the process of conducting our own short- and long-term research.


There is a risk of injury with any activity you do; this includes MedSport's IMpact Program.

We cannot guarantee that upon completion of MedSport's IMpact Program you will be injury free. But we do know that past research on jump programs shows a significant decrease in injuries, specifically ACL injuries.

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