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Apex Area - Supine, Listening with the bell of stethoscope

Single S1 S2


Split S1


Mid-Systolic Click

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Early Systolic Murmur

Acute Mitral Regurgitation

Mid-Systolic Murmur

Mitral Regurgitation due to CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)

Late Systolic Murmur

Mitral Regurgitation due to MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)

Holosystolic Murmur

Classic Mitral Regurgitation -or- Ventricular Septal Defect when heard along the left sternal border


Apex Area - Left Ducubitus, Listening with the bell of stethoscope

S4 Gallop

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

S3 Gallop

Both Normal and Cardiomyopathy

Systolic Click with Late Systolic Murmur

Mitral Valve Prolapse with Mitral Regurgitation

S4 and Mid-Systolic Murmur

Ischemic Cardiomyopathy with Mitral Regurgitation

S3 and Holosystolic Murmur

Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral Opening Snap and Diastolic Murmur

Mitral Stenosis



Aortic Area - Sitting, Listening with the bell of stethoscope

Normal S1 S2

Supine Normal

Systolic Murmur with Absent S2

Severe Aortic Stenosis

Early Diastolic Murmur

Aortic Regurgitation

Systolic and Diastolic Murmurs

Combined Aortic Stenosis and Regurgitation



Pulmonic Area - Supine, Listening with the diaphragm of stethoscope

Single S2

Normal in Elderly

Split S2 Persistent

Complete Right Bundle Branch Block (On ECG)

Split S2 Transient


Ejection Systolic Murmur with
Transient Splitting S2

Innocent Murmur

Ejection Systolic Murmur with Persistent Split S2 and Ejection, Systolic Murmur

Arterial Septal Defect

Ejection Systolic Murmur with Single S2 and Ejection Click

Pulmonary Valve Stenosis