Why should I join a clinical trial?

Wanting to find a therapy that works better than current options

To get more monitoring of my condition

Wanting to contribute to progress in IBD research

Why do people hesitate to join a clinical study?

Worried they won't get the best therapy available

Federal regulations require you to have the best therapy available PLUS any new therapy. You will not be denied effective therapy.

Worried about getting placebo

To truly test if a drug works, it must be compared to a placebo. Some patients in a randomized study will receive a placebo, in addition to their usual medicines. Most studies allow patients to cross over to the experimental drug if they don't get better. Other studies allow patients access to the experimental drug after the study ends.

Worried about committing to a study and not being able to get out

You can change your mind and get out of a study at any time. This is required by federal regulations on research.

Think about it. The only way to know if new therapies work is to give them a try.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a particular study and would like to learn more, contact the clinical research staff in the U-M Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program:

Higgins Study Coordinator Team
Tel: (734) 615-4843
E-mail: higginsSCteam@umich.edu