Dr. Peter D.R. Higgins, M.D., Ph.D, M.Sc.

Research Interests: Peter Higgins

Mechanisms of Intestinal Fibrosis

Treatment and Prevention of Intestinal Fibrosis

Machine Learning to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment

Measurement of Ulcerative Colitis

Biomarkers in IBD

Ultrasound Measurement of Intestinal Fibrosis

Microbiota in IBD


To Refer Patients for Clinical Studies



Dr. Higgins was named to the 2014-2019 Best Doctors in America list.

Videos! We have completed a series of educational videos on IBD for patients, called 'IBD School'. Click on the link to learn about IBD.

Dr. Higgins' physician video is now up at Click on the link to take a look (it loads slowly).

For GI Fellows who want to learn data analysis for research, check out DataCamp

Our research group was awarded a 3 year grant from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America to study the microbiota of patients with ulcerative colitis who are infected with Clostridium difficile, to learn which patients will develop UC flares afterward, which may help us understand why IBD patients have flares.

Our research group was awarded a 1 year grant from the Michigan Institute for Clinical Research, to develop and test new drugs to inhibit intestinal scarring in rodents. If we are successful, we will develop candidate therapies that may eventually prevent patients with Crohn's disease from developing intestinal strictures and obstruction.

Our research group was awarded a 2 year grant from the Pfizer to study the use of high dose and high frequency tofacitinib in patients with severe inpatient ulcerative colitis to see if it can increase the rate of remission and reduce the rate of colectomy by 90 days.