Sustainability at Michigan Medicine


How do I obtain a recycling bin?

We have two main types of recycling bins at Michigan Medicine: Mixed Recycling Bins and Confidential Document Paper Recycling Bins.

  • Mixed Recycling Bins: Mixed recycling bins are for non-confidential paper (such as newspapers), plastic, metal cans, and cardboard. Please email with if you believe your area needs a mixed recycling bin. Please include your building and proposed bin placement information.
  • Confidential Document Paper Recycling Bins: For large wheeled confidential document carts, please contact the Environmental Services (EVS) Clean line 2-5326. For smaller office or "under the desk containers" you can order directly through M-Marketsite. Look for Marketsite vendor Grainger for the containers.
  • How do I obtain a compost bin?

    Unfortunately, we cannot collect "post-consumer compost" in many areas of the Main Medical Campus and offsite locations at this time. If you are interested in composting in your staff kitchen, please email and we can determine if your space is eligible to participate in the U-M Zero Waste Kitchen Program.

    How do I recycle batteries?

    On the Ann Arbor Medical Campus, contact EVS through the CLEAN line 2-5326. At all other locations, contact EHS Hazardous Materials Management at 734-763-4568.

    I'm interested in sustainability. How can I get involved?

    Thanks for your interest! There are many ways to get involved in sustainability at Michigan Medicine and in the greater U-M community:

    If you have sustainability related ideas or questions, email us at We'd love to hear from you!

    I need to dispose of an item that might be hazardous or RMW waste. What do I do?

    Why isn't all food waste at Michigan Medicine composted?

    Michigan Medicine currently has a successful PRE-consumer "food prep" composting\program in the cafeteria, cafés, and patient food kitchens in the main Ann Arbor Medical Campus. We also collect Post-consumer compost in our patient food kitchens, where leftover food scraps from patient trays are composted. Unfortunately, composting food waste in public areas throughout the health system presents many challenges,including:

    Is opening the windows more or less energy efficient than the HVAC?

    Having windows open is almost always less efficient than the HVAC. The university HVAC systems filter, dehumidify, and temper outside air provided to the building spaces. Opening the window allows unconditioned outside air in and can work against the HVAC. Even if the temperature outside feels right, it still needs to be filtered and/or dehumidified, causing the HVAC system to work harder to compensate. An open window can also allow pests like insects and mice into the building.

    If your space feels uncomfortable and is not maintaining the room thermostat setpoint (plus or minus more than 2 degrees), the HVAC system may need repair. Notify your facility manager or contact Facilities Service Center (734-647-2059 or to have the issue addressed.

    How to properly recycle books or magazines.

    Books can't go into paper recycling bins, but can be recycled if handled separately. Contact Safety Management Services 734-764-4427 for more information. Magazines can go into paper recycling bins.

    How to dispose of media that may contain PHI.

    Media can be sent to dock 5 for destruction/disposal. Contact Safety Management Services 734-764-4427 for instructions.