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M1 Histopathology Labs with Virtual Slides
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  Mon, April 11 Lecture: Cellular Injury and Death I   M. H. Roh
    Lab 1: Cell and Tissue Injury I   M. Chan
  Mon, April 18 Lecture: Cellular Injury and Death II   M. H. Roh
    Lab 2: Cell and Tissue Injury II   M. Chan
  Fri, April 22 Lecture: Inflammation I   M. Lew
    Lab 3: Inflammation I   M. Lew
  Mon, April 25 Lecture: Inflammation/Repair II   M. Lew
    Lab 4: Inflammation II   M. Lew
  Wed, April 27 Lecture: Circulatory Derangements I   M. H. Roh
    Lab 5: Circulatory Derangements I   P. Harms
  Fri, April 29 Lecture: Circulatory Derangements II   M. H. Roh
    Lab 6: Circulatory Derangements II   P. Harms
  Fri, May 6 Lecture: Neoplasia I   S. R. Owens
    Lab 7: Neoplasia I   M. Chan
  Mon, May 9 Lecture: Neoplasia II   S. R. Owens
    Lab 8: Neoplasia II   M. Chan
  Fri, May 13 Review Session    

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