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For General Questions, Contact the Michigan Medicine Compliance Office by phone at 734-615-4400 or use the email links below.

To Report a HIPAA Privacy Concern:

Use the following (listed in order of preference) to report a suspected HIPAA privacy violation:

To Report a Compliance Concern Using the U of M Compliance Hotline:

Any workforce member who suspects a violation of University or UMHS policies or procedures can call the University of Michigan Compliance Hotline at 866-990-0111 or submit an online report.

If you encounter a problem with your web submission, your web browser may be out of date; therefore, please use the telephone number to report your concern.

The University of Michigan has contracted with a professional compliance call center to handle the intake of calls, and route information back to the appropriate administrator(s) for handling. Using an external vendor provides advantages such as:

The compliance hotline should be used by Health System employees to raise financial, regulatory and patient safety concerns. The vendor has no responsibility for managing any resulting research or inquiry from a report, nor does it make recommendations on the outcome. Instead, it routes information back to the appropriate administrator(s). The relevant UMHS office then evaluates, investigates, and follows up according to normal UMHS procedures. This involves verifying the accuracy of the report before any action is taken.

Callers may request to remain anonymous; however, while anonymity can be maintained, this might result in an incomplete investigation.

For more information regarding the U-M Compliance Hotline, please visit the Web site.

The compliance hotline is not for emergency response. If you are in need of emergency assistance or believe a crime is in progress, call 911.

The hotline is also not intended to handle patient concerns, including ethics/bioethics patient consults. Any individual wishing to request an ethics consult should call paging at 734-936-4000 and ask for the Pediatric or Adult Ethics Committee member on call.

How Information
Online Form
Helpline (Anonymous)

1500 E. Medical Center Drive SPC 5434
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-5434
Attention: Chief Compliance Officer

You should not experience harassment or retribution if you act responsibly and report what you believe to be a legitimate concern or a violation that will cause damage to the institution. If you feel you have been harassed or punished because of reporting a compliance concern, please report your concern to the compliance office immediately. See UMHS Policies 01-04-005 and 01-04-385 below for policy information prohibiting retaliation against an employee for reporting concerns.

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