Report your events

Please make sure your department’s contributions to the community are captured! Use the Community Benefit Reporting form to record CB-reportable programs and initiatives. To edit Community Benefit Reporting form: 1) Open Document, 2) Click on View, 3) Click on Edit Document.

Email the reports to

What’s reportable?

Community Benefit activities cover a multitude of topics and activities. They operate at a low or negative margin, increase access to care and/or improve the health of the community, and often focus on the poor and underserved. To learn more about what your department can report, schedule a team meeting with Community Benefit staff.


CB-Reportable Event


Conduct free or reduced fee presentations or workshops to the community

Baby Care Basics Class offered by the Health Education Resource Center

Offer free or low-cost medical care, prescriptions, or medical supplies

Complimentary use of wheelchairs/walkers at the Ann Arbor Art Fair made available by Home Care Services

Provide facility space at no charge to events open to the community

Meeting space that the Turner Senior Resource Center provided for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium event

Facilitate or host support groups open to the community

Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Support Group provided by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Provide screening or education at a community health fair

Mental health screenings conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Sitting on boards or coalitions linked to improving community health or increasing access to care

Serving on the Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health

Leadership development/training for the community

Youth mentoring program administered by Human Resources

Connecting people to social and community services/resources

Guest Assistance Program offered through the Department of Social Work

Coordinating/attending conferences open to professionals outside UMHS and linked to improving community health or increasing access to care

“Comprehensive Gender Services: Training Other Professionals” - a conference coordinated by Community Programs and Services

Reporting tips:

  1. If you held the same event more than once during the fiscal year, submit one report for all the events.
  2. Events that are different from each other need to be reported on separate forms.
  3. Know your department’s “Community Benefit portfolio”: Ask the Office of Community Benefit for a list of the events your department/workgroup has reported in the past.
  4. Directors and managers may wish to develop an internal reporting process. Try these steps:
    1. Establish a Community Benefit folder on your shared drive. Within the folder, for each month of the year, create subfolders. This increases transparency within your department of what has been/is being reported.
    2. After holding a non-reoccurring event, ask staff to complete a CB report and place it in the CB subfolder that corresponds to the month the event occurred.
    3. At the end of each month, have a designated staff person review and email all the forms for non-reoccurring events to the Office of Community Benefit.
    4. For events that reoccur throughout the fiscal year, ask your staff to complete a CB report after each event. Once the last event for the fiscal year is held, designate a staff person to complete/submit one CB report that summarizes re-occurring events.
    5. Identify one staff person as the main contact for all reports so that the Office of Community Benefit, if necessary, contacts just one person from the department/workgroup.
    6. Mock-up a CB reporting form that shows how to correctly complete each field and keep it in the shared folder.