Brehm Center Researchers

The Brehm Center for Diabetes Research houses a variety of scientists whose focus is to understand, improve, prevent, and cure diabetes. Along with the U-M Brehm Investigators and the Brehm Professors, the rest of the Brehm Center Researchers share resources and collaborate in the Brehm Tower, where the open lab layout and proximity to each other allow for a unique intellectual synergy.

These multidisciplinary scientists represent the specturm of diabetes inquiry: type 1 diabetes, diabetes management, complications of diabetes, and factors leading to type 2 diabetes — such as metabolism and obesity issues. These facets are explored in bench labs with mice and cells, as well as clniical studies with human patients.

Type 1 Diabetes/Animal and Cell Research

Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolism and Obesity

Diabetes Complications and Management

Pediatric Diabetes, Metabolism and Obesity


Computational Analysis